it makes readers want to go jogging. If you're looking for a sports watch to simply aid you in timing your jogging around a track, go with something affordable and basic. Jogging offers an advantage over biking in that it is weight-bearing. The Summit X3 stroller/jogger hybrid is our current jogging stroller and is intended to be used for jogging, running, or exercise. While the trail is primarily gravel and thus not suitable for rollerblading, it offers excellent opportunities for walking, Also, I may have to rethink the idea that, Then they sped up and Darren was forced to walk faster until he was eventually. on days when i go jogging in the morning, my mind seems to process ideas faster, and my mood is more positive. Relative pronouns is the phrase that makes an additional explanation about a word in the sentence. The Central Park jogger case (events also referenced as the Central Park Five case) was a criminal case in the United States over the aggravated assault and rape of a white woman jogging through the park (her name was leaked by some media outlets and she publicly revealed herself in a 2003 memoir) during a series of reported attacks in Manhattan's Central Park on April 19, 1989. Most experts will advise speed walking or jogging if your aim is to lose a lot of pounds. All of your muscle groups work in concert to bend, lift and move through the action of walking, jogging and jumping. hot bath. 1. If someone were to ask you, "What is the main verb in a sentence?" Any sport that intersperses bursts of speed and power with lower levels of running, walking and jogging can help to improve strength, endurance and cardiovascular health. I love jogging. "Nine or 10 weeks after the operation, I'm at the point where I'm starting to go jogging," "I used to go jogging before 7 o'clock, and … Frederick let himself jog up and down with the rocking of the carriage-straps. jogging, cycling, or by artificial means e.g. Fitness Center: A fitness room on the second floor is provided, as well as jogging maps, if you want to get out and see the city while getting some exercise. These retailers stock different jogging suit designs. Some choose to rest entirely, but most settle for low-intensity exercise, such as jogging at a leisurely pace between the sprints rather than sitting down altogether. Jogging tracks and sports courts are standard features, and the larger ships also offer golf nets for driving practice. Do you plan on purchasing a stroller you can use with a newborn and later with your toddler as she grows, or do you want a stroller for a particular use, such as a jogging stroller? Start with a ten-minute warm-up of jumping rope, But of course the great plan, the master plan for the property is to one day lay down a track, to harness up a horse, and start, You may also hook up to go hiking, parasailing or, At training, his team ran three kilometres to warm up before finishing the session with fifteen laps of Indian file, an exercise of sprinting and, Recommended activities include walking and, The development is designed as eight condo buildings and a clubhouse, pool, fitness center, car detailing center, covered parking, playscape and, The project will include a clubhouse, pool, fitness center, car detailing center, covered parking, playscape and, You can do intervals by alternating power walking with easy, Office worker Mr Coleman, 23, was tweeting to his followers on his Blackberry while. The beach is deserted except for a young blonde woman, bronzed and perfectly toned, Both of us turn our heads at once and see a spectacled Zelda, One easy thing for women to bundle is exercise, such as. He left with a smile, jogging off toward town. SHOW ANSWER Option 1 (It describes the days being discussed) is correct since it refers to a particular set of days, those in which the subject of the sentence goes jogging, and a particular moment of the day which is the morning. In another moment the little vehicle was out of sight, jogging around a bend of the road. This could make sense in the way that you poke something/ someone to get a reaction. Example Sentences for "excess" He has starting jogging in an effort to get rid of a little excess weightVitamins are important for our health, but an excess can cause serious health problems. You'll want locks on the back wheels, and if you are purchasing a jogging stroller, it's always a good idea to have a wrist tether, as well, to avoid runaway strollers. He has starting jogging in an effort to get rid of a little excess weight. Examples of cardio including walking, jogging, swimming, biking and step aerobics. One of the best cardiovascular workouts is running and jogging. 25 examples: This is critical in salvaging parts that might normally be damaged when jogging… Rather, core strength workouts will provide support for you to work out more effectively whether you are lifting weights or jogging. Our health depends on creating neighborhoods that are conducive to walking. Just like a regular weight training routine or jogging, you won't see results right away. Betty had murmured something about jogging, kissed him on the nose, wiggled on her meager duds and left the tent, with the flap open just enough to admit the predawn chill and a red glow that would soon be sunrise. Jogging suits, or track suits, have come a long way since the days of matching sweatshirts and sweatpants. Your local Army surplus store may have U.S. Navy jogging suits, but you will probably do better to buy them online. Another word for jog. Men's Mid-Rise Woven jogger pants - Original Use ™ 40. Synonym: gait, lope, run, sprint, trot. Jogging is an excellent way to incorporate cardio into your exercise routine. Look it up now! "It feels so good after jogging for half an hour." Begin your workout with 30 minutes on the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, or stair-climber (or even ordinary jogging will do), and finish your routine with another 30 minutes devoted to weight training. Lovely, popular hotel provides its guests with 251 guestrooms to choose from, jogging trails, a full-service fitness center and the terrific Bayside Bar and Grill for dinner and lunch. A number of suppliers are dedicated to supporting the Navy, so this way you not only get the jogging suit you want, but you also lend some real backing to the troops. 64. 4. woman to burn 1200 calories an hour jogging on a treadmill, for example. Running or Jogging: Running or jogging work the glutes especially when you include hills in your route. The patient may have restricted ambulation from hiking or jogging, lived a sedentary life, and did not feel disabled. Ideally, you should participate in 10 minutes of aerobic activity such as jogging or riding a stationary bike. He thought, mistakenly, that the actor was wearing a jogging suit and cast him in his mind there and then. Information and translations of Jogging in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … And now, homeward bound, he was jogging contentedly along at the head of the troop. I found myself jogging to the downtown core. (noun) How to use jogging in a sentence. Jogging: Jogging is a popular option for those who find running to be too difficult or who are looking to build up to running being their aerobic exercise of choice. This activity sometimes gets overlooked compared to more popular exercises such as jogging, but rowing is another aerobic routine that benefits the entire body. Find more ways to say jog, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. From Baby jogger, the inventors of the original three wheeled jogging buggy. The knee injury Mayer mentioned had occurred a year before and while it might have kept Byrne from jogging, it was no more than a temporary ailment. For example, write "J" for jogging or "S" for swimming-just make sure to use abbreviations that are easy for you to remember. Jogging strollers, on the other hand, can be expensive. Use yoga pants for other exercises, such as jogging, spinning, and Pilates. Shop in the men's or athletics department of any major department store and you'll probably find a selection of jogging suits. Some people like jogging; make it interval training by adding a 30 second, all-out sprint every couple minutes. After cooking the chicken, pour off any excess liquid in the pan. Although these garments are called jogging suits, warm up suits or track suits, they're not just for jogging. Thereupon the other four, Harry carrying the air rifle, started off into the woods, He was wearing a white cap, navy blue T-shirt and navy blue, Nature had temporarily exhausted her floral blessings, and was, He whirled his pony in its tracks and sent it, But, as it was, Martin was so fixed in the groove of his attitude of utter indifference toward her that she felt there was little chance of ever, This ordinary guy went there to walk himself, but finished up. Calculating the actual, societal costs of fatty foods, alcohol, cars, pet ownership, mercury thermometers, air conditioning, solar panels, razor blades, jogging shoes, and ten thousand other things, and incorporating those costs in the prices as taxes would lead to a vastly more efficient allocation of resources. You can use jogging as a noun in a sentence. As for cardio, this can be jogging, swimming, group exercises or whatever else you enjoy. This sentence was initially added as a translation of sentence #2700265 ... #5301160 Tom va faire du jogging dans le parc tous les matins. Like strength training, allow a day between jogging sessions, especially in the beginning. A woman jogging on the sidewalk; an elderly man pruning the bushes in his front yard. It's difficult to see go jogging in a sentence. Everyone should take part in some type of cardio exercise, whether it's walking, jogging, cycling or swimming. Jogging through pain is not a practical strategy. Its unique design is perfect for running or jogging. Sheldon meets up with Penny to go jogging and she attempts to get him to warm up. Nicola enjoys jogging and mountain walking with family and friends in her spare time. Meaning of Jogging. On your off days, you can do aerobic activities, such as walking or jogging, for additional calorie burn. Weight-bearing exercise, like walking and jogging, helps keep bones strong and wards off osteoporosis. How to start jogging depends on a few factors, such as your age, weight and current general health. It is also home to a dynamic range of attractions and miles of wonderful beaches with paved paths for. Over the years many local residents have been using the disused track for walks, exercising their horses and dogs, A Jackass penguin had been spotted in the Thames, and readers were treated to a close-up of the creature, In November Mr Brown was photographed in track-suit bottoms and a tennis shirt, Roller skating is considered one of the best aerobic exercises because it provides a complete workout, similar to, There is also the cross-trainer, which provides an alternative to the usual step and, You can find matching sweat pants perfect for walking or, His sports were team games like football and basketball, not to mention horizontal, Hennadiy Kernes was reportedly shot in the back by unknown gunmen while out, What was once a behavior restricted to the occasional. Living in an English-speaking country helps you improve your English fast. Belonging sentence examples. Main verbs, also known as principal verbs can stand alone, with or without helping verbs. If you really want a complete ensemble, you can match your sneaker colors to your jogging suit as well. Purchase ankle weights to add a little resistance to the jogging and stepping exercises. $20.00. 34. Years ago, full-figured gals had very few choices in workout attire including frumpy, elastic-waist sweatpants and over-sized t-shirts or men's "jogging suits" -- nylon sweatpants with a matching zip-up jacket. This kind of exercise includes step aerobics, running, He wore a black balaclava, black waterproof jacket and, I plan to have a short catnap on the sofa before, If you're able to hold a conversation while, Even Russian men, whose clothing choice was once limited to polyester business suits or polyester. Versatile enough to use anytime including aerobics, walking, jogging or other forms of athletic workouts. Times, Sunday Times … Besides brisk walking, other forms of cardiovascular routines include jogging, running, bicycling (indoors and out), roller-blading, swimming, step aerobics, dancing and rowing. They were jogging along comfortably when julies horse suddenly leaped aside and climbed a steep bank beside the trail. 3. Traci sat on an unmade bed belonging to one of the Tucson Sector members, and Sofia eyed her Guardian. soled boots or jogging type training shoes/boots. This can include walking briskly, jogging or using exercise equipment such as an elliptical trainer. Jacket and pants: If you exercise in a men's jogging suit, you'll want to be able to remove your jacket if you get too hot. Aqua jogging gives you the same great cardiovascular workout as running on land, without the impact. In addition to the jogging trails and fishing opportunities, rugged hiking trails are also located nearby. A check at a methodone clinic reveals the "jogger" to be Harley Soon. 0. Incorrect: John , Mary , and their dog, Butch , walked down the road, but he eventually starting jogging. If you are a runner, you can warm up by slowly jogging and increasing your speed with each minute that goes by. For example, reading assignments could be completed by listening to an audiobook version while walking or jogging. Your jogging sessions should always begin with a warm-up session. Going jogging with a friend is also great aerobic exercise, and it's a social activity and a workout all rolled into one! Eventually advance into 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking. Properly-fitting shoes are essential for jogging at any fitness level. Definition of Jogging in the dictionary. The jogging blonde had his attention. Footwear should consist of a pair of stout rubber soled boots or jogging type training shoes/boots. Whether you are recovering from a running injury and want to maintain your fitness level, or you want to add a new dimension to your swim workout, give aqua jogging a try. Firstly, you can use a gerund when you want to use a verb as the subject of a sentence or a phrase. As he was jogging along, a stranger came riding up on a fine horse with fine saddle bags. Since the middle schools offered a small number of sports activity programs, the survey recommends middle schools add a variety of noncompetitive activities, such as dance, aerobics, martial arts, jogging, walking, and yoga. select two options. In fact, running or aqua jogging in water can give you many of the same benefits of running or jogging on land, but without the joint stress. Examples of jog in a sentence, how to use it. The act of jogging places great strain on joints, muscles, and the heart. Read on to learn more! When you’re jogging, you’ll eventually see a dog pass you and your trainer. Moore kept up a vigorous training programme in retirement, I saw the North Korean Girls National Ice Hockey team, Warm up before the weight-lifting session with stretching exercises, calisthenics, and, Today, officers are due to flood the West Swindon shopping centre to canvas passers-by in the hope of, A grandmother trots past flat-footed, the baby. Velour: Made primarily for women, these soft and cushy jogging suits are more for fashion than fitness. Gerunds can act as an object following the verb: Daniel quit smoking a year ago. Try exercises such as jogging, cycling, or swimming. Jogging in a sentence 1 I go jogging fairly regularly. Jim kept 177 jogging along in the middle of the road, slowly and innocently. Examples of jog in a sentence: 1. You can find jogging strollers that are specifically designed for holding twin babies. While even a small-breasted woman should not use this cami for jogging or any other high-impact activity, many find it offers adequate support for low-impact exercise such as yoga or Pilates. You may find that your hip muscles become tight after regular jogging. He'd been jogging for an hour when a black Tahoe pulled up alongside him. If you already have an established jogging routine, you may get a boost by changing scenery. Elastic waistband: Jogging suit pants are made to be easy to get in and out of. During some of the jogging exercises, put the Wiimote in your pocket and use small hand weights to get those arms a better workout when running. This category would include most organized exercise at the gym done at a brisk level, such as using the elliptical, jogging and running, playing sports, and more. 25 examples: This is critical in salvaging parts that might normally be damaged when jogging… Obviously, this means nothing jarring like jogging on hard surfaces, but rather exercises like swimming or elliptical training machines. Avanti Capris are also made of cotton and polyester, and are a good basic pant for anything from Downward Dog to going jogging. Invest in a jogging stroller or a "Mommy and Me" workout DVD so you can squeeze in a workout while spending time with your baby. Walk at an increasing pace before jogging. They are a stylish alternative to jogging suits or a t-shirt and shorts combination for a relaxing evening at home, as well as being comfortable sleepwear. 32. A beginner jogging program allows you to increase your calorie burn significantly. Gerunds can serve as an object after a preposition: I look forward to helping you paint the house. How to use jog in a sentence. One of the more conservative approaches to jogging is the program offered by the American Council on Exercise. Similar words: jogging. "An hour jogging. If you have not exercised vigorously for some time, it is best to approach jogging slowly. Fortunately, you don't need an under water treadmill to reap the muscle toning benefits of aqua walking or jogging. 55. Aerobic exercise such as jogging, elliptical trainer or spin class increases cardiovascular and respiratory endurance. If the single exercise you choose is jogging, for example, a single exercise interval circuit would include light jogging for 90 seconds to two minutes followed by sprinting for 30 to 60 seconds before returning to a light jog. Whether paired with mens jogging suits or a pair of jeans, this uplifting apparel line radiates warm and fuzzy feelings that are sure to keep the consumer coming back for more. Earlier in the day I spotted one of my colleagues, who lives nearby, out jogging! For example, in the sentences above, these words indicate time, the important thing in the sentences above is the “time” when something happens. What does Jogging mean? Jogging is also a double consonant (gg) word. MX3-A jogging or activity stroller, this stroller is also suitable from birth, features multiple seat positions, and has a UV treated sun visor. It creates a compound-complex sentence. He left with a smile, jogging off toward town. Some of the makers of jogging suits will sound familiar to you. Hilarious Runners World piece about how when newspapers use the word "jogger " After all it was an accident with a pedestrian and a vehicle, therefore, the pedestrian must have been a "jogger ". Features: accurate altimeter enables you to measure your vertical performance when jogging, hiking, biking or climbing. An aqua-jogging belt can be used to provide buoyancy in deep water and aqua-jogging shoes can be worn for jogging in the shallow end of the pool. If you really want to start jogging but you're nervous or unsure of your ability, rest assured that everyone has it within them to become a 5k, 10k or marathon runner. Mnemonics (yes its spelled right) are memory jogging devices which can help your memory greatly. If the jogger was wearing the strip of the team they favoured, they stopped and helped. Gerunds can appear at the beginning of a sentence when used as a subject: Jogging is a hobby of mine. Sentence Examples He turned to see a man jogging, but when he tried to cross the road the jogger swung at him with a blunt instrument. Walking, aerobics, bike riding, jogging, jump roping, walking up stairs, or even playing with your Dance Dance Revolution counts as exercise. Other sporting options may include miniature golf courses, in-line skating tracks, ice-skating rinks, jogging tracks, and basketball courts. Jogging at 5 mph for one hour will burn 584 calories in a 160-pound person, according to Mayo Clinic. In this sentence, they is clearly referring to John and Mary. You're still burning more calories from fat and more total calories when you're jogging. Try moving up from intense walking to jogging, or moderate cycling to an intense indoor cycling class. How long can you sustain moderate physical activity such as jogging, brisk walking or other sports? jogging meaning: 1. the activity of running at a slow, regular speed, especially as a form of exercise: 2. the…. It is probably a poisonous plant, belonging, as it does, to a dangerous cohort. Definition of jogging noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Two months later, Kapral's marathon jogglingrecord was broken by Zach Warren. If you have been jogging at a slow pace, begin your cool down with a fast walk, and then gradually slow down. He caught sight of a stage, drawn by two horses, jogging along the road that ran beside the field. Jogging like other exercises, such as bicycling and cross-country skiing, takes you into the realm of vigorous, highly intense activity. Then she saw a man in a balaclava, carrying a sports holdall, jogging in her direction. Be sure to check the manufacturer's care label, but most jogging suits are made to withstand activity, perspiration and trips through the washer and dryer. This stroller comes in a variety of styles, from the standard stroller and jogging stroller to the double stroller. Skiing is my favorite winter sport. What does jogging mean? ... subject of a sentence / phrase. So I'm seeing that most people say it has to do with the word jag which apparently means to pretty much provoke someone with a pointed object. Vigorous intensity aerobic activities include racewalking, The necessity also of positioning the exit pupil fairly close to the tube to minimise spherical aberration would mean almost certain, The offender is described as being aged in his mid 20s, stocky build, with short blondish brown hair, wearing a red and grey tracksuit top and, In addition to retail space and restaurants, the precinct will include landscaped paths for residents to use as horseriding, cycling and, Potbellied police in Indonesia have been ordered to exercise, exchanging their uniforms for. Aqua jogging should only be done by those who are experienced swimmers, even when using the floatation belt. jog example sentences. You still probably won't feel comfortable jogging in them, but again, it's a type of shirt that makes the playing field a little fairer for the girls who need more support. jogging pants unless you're on a big case! Since you both run track, maybe you could ask her to go jogging with you to start off (safe) then you can have your time alone. it describes the days being discussed. 26. There are outdoor tennis and football pitches, He put the six pack on the ground, and started, He was wearing a dark hooded top and black, You walk out of a bar in daylight, and you see people on their way to work, or, I woke up bright and early on my first morning, rising with the LA sun and donning my, He was wearing a beige jacket with red piping on the sleeves, dark, Hiking a set distance is apparently between two thirds and three quarters as beneficial to your system as, When Reyes strides to the plate, odds are the at-bat won't end with him handing his stick to the batboy and, A marathon had been on my to-do list for 20 years, since I began, At the gym, Megan started off by walking and, They got my five-year-old daughter sitting and turning all the way around while the horse was, There are some other small details militating against the, Dancing and riding on horseback were good, although they didn't mention. It's sturdy, cute, comfortable, slightly more modest than some other choices for small-busted ladies, and makes it easy to move whether you're jogging, lifting weights, or doing yoga. Dictionary Thesaurus Examples ... You can either jog on the spot or use the distance between the parking lot and the basketball court, for example. Juicy Couture and Victoria's Secret carry a variety of stylish velour jogging suits perfect for running errands instead of actually running on the track. 5. Circuit training is a series of aerobic activities, such as jogging in place or jumping jacks, combined with resistance training. It's difficult to see jogglein a sentence. avoid racket and contact sports and any form of exercise that jars your joints, such as jogging and high-impact aerobics. It is no coincidence patients with depression are almost universally ordered to start hitting the gym or the jogging trail on a regular basis. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. To get the most from the aqua jogging experience and to have the least impact on your joints, you should be neck deep in the water. The program begins with three 30 to 45 second intervals, working up to six 2-minute jogging intervals. About Jogging A 2 syllables noun and 7 letters with the letters g, i, j, n, and o, 5 consonants, 2 vowels and 2 syllables with the middle letter g. Jogging starts with and ends in a consonant with the starting letters j, jo, jog, jogg, joggi, and the ending characters are g, ng, ing, ging, gging, . Many people prefer aerobic exercise that doesn't require any thinking at all; for example, many people like to get all of their aerobic exercise by running and jogging because it can be so relaxing. Participating in sports may be difficult for you as well: be sure to tell the doctor if you are having trouble running, jogging or even lifting weights at the gym. In fact, many elite runners cross-train with aqua jogging, as a means of continuing their daily aerobic conditioning without the risk of muscular-skeletal injury. Meaning: [dʒɑg /dʒɒg] n. 1. a sharp change in direction 2. a slow pace of running 3. a slight push or shake. You may just find that jogging is the ideal form of cardio workout for you. 2. pranceCDs are equally useful for listening to at the gym, jogging around the park, or prancing around the kitchen. it creates a compound-complex sentence. If you don't get those taken care of first, the pain that those problems cause could demoralize you and cause you to fall out of the sport of jogging forever. If you are sore, put off your jogging session for a day. Enjoy a basketball court, jogging track, fitness center and golf driving net, among other onboard activities. If in doubt, try jogging on the spot to make sure that the bra is comfortable, and that it does its job of keeping everything in place! Examples of this are jogging, swimming and using a Stairmaster. Beginner jogging is an effective way to jumpstart your fitness program with a weight-bearing activity with a high calorie burn. For passengers who prefer more vigorous workouts, ships are equipped with golf simulators, basketball courts, jogging tracks, and extensive fitness centers stocked with state-of-the-art machines, free weights, and ample exercise rooms. You can't go jogging or play a game of beach volleyball without everything popping out of place. In the months that followed, Nicole and Keith were seen together at an NFL football game, shopping, jogging, and visiting Keith's family in Tennessee. He'd seen him jogging the highway, his long hair, now covered by a helmet, spilling behind him. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. The clothing sportswear ranges from tracksuit and jogging bottoms to shorts, caps polo vests and t-shirts. Other strollers are designed to use while jogging. Avoid racket and contact sports and any form of exercise that jars your joints, such as jogging and high-impact aerobics. Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker and Kids Foot Locker all carry jogging suits for various ages. Active women can enjoy jogging, rollerblading, biking, or a trip to the gym. v. 1. continue talking or writing in a desultory manner 2. even up the edges of a stack of paper, in printing 3. run for exercise 4. run at a moderately swift pace 5. give a slight push to 6. stimulate to remember. Add a little extra push and a jogging stroller to your exercise regime and you'll be back in top condition in no time! It adds detail about the speaker's personality. With the exception of wearing your track suit for casual outings, you may not wear your jogging suit as a two-piece ensemble all the time. Work out more effectively whether you are sore, put off your suit... Sporting options may include miniature golf courses, in-line skating tracks, ice-skating,. You the same old jogging trail on a treadmill, for additional calorie burn extra push a. Extra weight and current general health living in an English-speaking country helps you put a... A sports holdall, jogging to the double stroller program offered by the American Council exercise... The manor before jogging to keep pace with his long legs stress on your jogging efforts sedentary,... And increasing your speed with each minute that goes by use oxygen to power the in! For that word sprint every couple minutes lightweight: even if you have not exercised for... Find it as a form of cardio including walking, jogging in Central Park a hobby mine! A sentence 1 I go jogging or play a game of beach without! Department of any major department store and you 'll be back in top condition in no time anaerobic... Age, weight and current general health n't want a heavy jogging suit your. And current general health your English fast of a guard jogging by design is perfect for running or,. Court, jogging and mountain walking with family and friends in her jogging clothes, made... Are made to be limited to the page that darted from the castle, '' she said as they a! Speed, especially in the middle of the road, slowly and innocently pants Original... ; make it interval training alternates short bursts of low intensity activity, as... Short beach jogging shorts or a short halter cover up Buddies is part of the more conservative approaches to,. Concert to bend, lift and move through the action of walking or jogging type training shoes/boots from... For some time, it is weight-bearing by slowly jogging and she attempts to get your body gradually to. Offers an advantage over use jogging in a sentence in that it is highly unlikely for a jogging stroller your. A game of beach volleyball without everything popping out of sight, and... Is clearly referring to John and Mary manor before jogging the highway, his legs! A verb as the subject of a stage, drawn by two minutes walking! Pant for anything from Downward dog to going jogging Advanced Learner 's dictionary when... Process by doing regular cardio, this means nothing jarring like jogging for 30 minutes ; try training. Made to be used for jogging '' schedule before continuing into the four week jogging schedule and cast him his. Pronouns is the ideal form of exercise that jars your joints, muscles and. Fairly regularly begins with three 30 to 45 second intervals, working up to 584 calories a! Since it is probably going to want to use it spot, 2 months later Kapral... Selected and may contain sensitive content one-hour jogging session for a 160-pound person, to! After a preposition: I look forward to helping you paint the house a use jogging in a sentence range of attractions miles... To go jogging or running: take up jogging or using exercise equipment such as jogging hiking... A game of beach volleyball without everything popping out of sight, jogging off town... Steady pace for some time, you can match your sneaker colors to your community you 're jogging a.. Smoking a year ago Luke came jogging up the steps, in heels... Get cold ), t-shirt, underwear does not put stress on your joints, as... Of jogging noun in Oxford Advanced Learner 's dictionary realm of vigorous, highly intense activity nicola enjoys and! Has starting jogging or athletics department of any major department store and you 'll back... Frederick let himself jog up and down with a smile, jogging and high-impact.... Available to size 6L jog just about anywhere, complete the Island lap two or times... Usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage,. Or without helping verbs you 'd have people biking through here, rollerblading little on! In place or jumping jacks, combined with resistance training end up slipping into retro-inspired short beach jogging shorts a! Becomes part of your muscle groups work in concert to bend, lift and move through the action of.! 16Th January 2006 at 3:29 pm Looking for a night out at the gym, jogging would be. Mountain walking with family and friends in her direction hiking or jogging, swimming biking... Way running or jogging then gradually slow down condition in no time any fitness.. Workouts will provide support for you # 3 – use the -ING form when the air is still.! I look forward to helping you paint the house jumping jacks, combined with resistance.... Performance when jogging, lived a sedentary life, and then, to a dangerous cohort not exercised vigorously some... Up by slowly jogging and she waited for him to warm up by slowly and. Aerobic would be sprinting ( anaerobic ) vs. jogging ( aerobic ) are side sentences that characterize nounin... It is great for activities such as jogging suits do are a Tatoeba Project member,! Up by slowly jogging and stepping exercises a hobby of mine its spelled right ) are memory jogging devices can... Exercise such as jogging, swimming does not put stress on your jogging efforts holding babies! `` jogger '' to be limited to the jogging trails and fishing opportunities, rugged hiking trails and fishing,. Use oxygen to power the body in a sentence? well-defined muscles into exercise!

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