hand dryers and are recommended for use with all underfloor heating installations up … I plan to take a switched spur from this socket (15A Fuse) and then run 2.5mm from the switched spur to the Mirrored Light. Could someone please explain how an LED bathroom mirror with shaver socket should be connected to the mains? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Fan heater has pull cord to switch on. W x 28.5 in. in the Electrical Forum area at ElectriciansForums.net, Reply to Connection behind bathroom mirror? 115V accepts Continental two-pin and America NEMA. Topic Title: Un-Switched Fused Spur in bathroom Topic Summary: Created On: 29 April 2016 05:47 pm Status: Read Only : Linear: Threading: Single: Branch: Search Topic. My interpretation of the regs is that a fused spur must be outside the zones. Is it as simple as this or do I need to link via a switched spur with an appropriate fuse. a built in rocker switch and is on the lighting circuit via a fused spur outside the bathroom. 4.7 out of 5 stars 15. Bathroom mirrors are often an afterthought when redecorating, but they are an incremental component of your space. Another variant is an air curtain heater, which could be positioned above the bathroom door, especially if there is no door between the bedroom and the en suite bathroom. And yes you can connect direct to a 30 mA RCD with a 5 or 6 amp fuse/MCB/RCBO however I would use some method which allows easy double pole isolation so if it does go wrong I can isolate and still use all other lights in the house. Bathroom Mirrors. I … Changing light tubes etc. 30 day money back guarantee. Thanks. We have teamed up with the industries best to help you find a trustworthy tradesman local to you! If this is the case, ensure that the lamp fitting is IPX4 and SELV. UK call centre ready for your call 24/7. Fused Spur: Require a 25mm deep wall box. Cooker Switch: Require a 35mm deep wall box. MEILISUN Bathroom Round Mirrors 600mm Illuminated LED Backlit Frameless Circle Bathroom Mirror with Light,Makeup Mirror,Sensor Touch control with Demister Pad, Light Temperature from 3000K-6000K,IP44. Currently inside my bathroom I have a light and extractor fan which both turn on and off together with the pull cord. How close is the mirror to the shower or bath? Is that what you refer to? This comes with a built in transformer for the 12v lamps. I want to use a switched fused spur with a flex outlet to switch a heated towel rail in a bathroom. if it comes from the lighting circuit, no FCU required. Satana mirrors with integral lights and or enhanced switches and shaver sockets need there own supply usually in the form of a switched fused spur from the ring main. The existing CU has only a 63A 30mA RCCB on the kitchen and house ring mains. However, can the flex be connected in the void behind the mirror and by what means? This Range of Mirrors and Lights is fully compliant with IP standards for bathrooms and offers integrated mirror lights and shaver sockets. Bathroom Lights Bathroom Ceiling Lights Extractor Fans Warmup Underfloor Heating Electric Heated Towel Rails Hand Wash Water Heaters Bathroom LED Mirrors Plumbing Supplies Waste Traps & Fittings Toilet Fittings Pipe Fittings Seals & Tools Toilet Fixing Kits Basin Fixing Kits Water Conditioners Submersible Pumps W The Home Decorators Collection 23.5 in. Not only is a bathroom mirror an important fixture in any bathroom, they can also reflect your individuality and become a real centrepiece of the room. Grab your copy now for all the DIY help you need right at your finger tips! Consider adding a secondary, large bathroom mirror on another wall, creating the illusion of more space – a great trick for smaller rooms. Please register to our new website, and add your listing, forum thread about it is HERE. Home > Fused Spur Switches 13 Amp > Mirror Chrome Fused Spur Switches Varilight 13A Switched Fused Spur + Neon + Flex Outlet Mirror Chrome Black Insert XC6FONB £18.95 The UK’s No. These are used for appliances such as cookers, and where a cable needs to be hard wired in (not a plug and socket). Find bathroom mirrors at Lowe's today. Donquick. There is a flying lead out of the top of the mirror. 99 $299.99 $299.99 For your safety, this product must be installed in accordance with local Building Regulations. A connection unit is a fused outlet from a mains circuit. Illuminated mirrors are often be placed direct;y above a basin, and in a bathroom this may count as zone 2 (unless the light fitting is at least 60cm clear of the taps). In a stud wall use a dry lining box and flex outlet plate behind the mirror. 23.5 in. I don't get why the customer needs to check for wiring provisions and RCD protection. 1 trade catalogue. A fused spur also known as a fused connection unit (FCU) is an electrical switch containing a fuse often used instead of a conventional electric plug socket. Browse through the wide range of spurs manufactured by Forbes and Lomax - fused connection units. It could be a radial, and ring final, a fused spur or unfused spur until you know which you don't know if another item can be taken from it or not. Could someone please explain how an LED bathroom mirror with shaver socket should be connected to the mains? 250w. W x 28.5 in. No FCU required. FireKnight Fire Rated Downlights. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I want to fit a heated towel rail instead. Hi everyone. Suitable for use in bathrooms, toilets and shower rooms (IP41). Sign up now for news and special offers! This needs to be connected to the spur in the loft. As to if that is required it depends how you read the regulations it is a grey area. People Seeking Electrical Jobs / Employment, Apply to Gain Access to Trainee-Only Forum. So to verify. The Downlights are available in a range of attractive aluminium ... Curved Edge 13A Switched Fused Spur Unit with Flex Outlet from Base. Itwill be outside zone 2,but not more than 3 meters horizontally from the boundary of zone 1. 45 Amp Double pole. Our Bray Electric ladder towel Rails are amongst the highest quality Bathroom Radiators in the United Kingdom today. What is RCD protected? Wiring backlit mirror door bathroom cabinet. Bathroom Cabinet - fused spur. You are using an out of date browser. Dual Voltage Shaver Socket 240V/115V. Powered by phpBB ® Forum Software © phpBB Group, General Building, Self Build and Renovation, Planning Regs, Project Management and Safety, Correct Methods for Wiring a Bathroom Mirror and Light. Free next day delivery available. Ive got a wall mounted fan heater in bathroom, connected via unswitched fused spur on wall above it. Good evening all. Thanks mate, after all that. Looking to fit a bathroom Mirror / light and wanted to check that Im go about it correctly. Discussion in 'Electrics UK' started by Donquick, 28 Sep 2011. (It will be in zone 2, just out of interest ... Ikea bathroom LED mirror cabinet - wire chafed and broke. cable direct from lighting in attic to connect to mirror flex or terminals. Further information is … DIY Doctor has the answer! The double socket is fed through a 32 amp ring main. Sockets. Hi everyone. H Framed Wall Mirror is the fog-free mirror you've always dreamed of. Gently contoured 7mm plate with rounded edges, includes screw cap covers. Thanks for your quick replies. ANTEN 40x24 Inch LED Bathroom Mirror, Horizontal/Vertical Anti-Fog Bathroom Mirrors for Wall, 3000-6000K Dimmable LED Lighted Vanity Mirror 4.4 out of 5 stars 518 $249.99 $ 249 . Historically, 13A general purpose mains sockets have not been permitted in bathrooms at all. Join our Newsletter. Bathroom Mirrors. If in any doubt, or where required by the law, consult a competent person who is registered with an electrical self certification scheme. Spur - Fused Connection Unit. Looking to fit a bathroom Mirror / light and wanted to check that Im go about it correctly. Straight White Heated Towel Rail Electric Ptc With Fused Spur Timer. Simple answer is I don't know. H Framed Rectangular Anti-Fog Bathroom Vanity Mirror in White The Home Decorators Collection 23.5 in. I hope you mean 30 mA that is 1000 times smaller than 30A? Firstly, I have an RCD protected fused spur powering the bathroom. in the Electrical Forum area at ElectriciansForums.net. I think that this will be ok as it is not a socket outlet,but would be … Our innovative, fog-free technology is safe, affordable and does not require heating elements. Topic Tools. lighted mirror - I assume you mean one similar to mine which has small flourescent tubes, mine has 4, behand the glass providing both light and heat for de-misting. 240V accepts British and Continental round pin and Australia flat-pin. We prefer to use the larger 25mm cross bars on this Deluxe bathroom electric ladder radiator so that the rail outputs maximum heat to your bathroom. What you need to know is how the double socket is fed? 13 Amp Switched Fused Spur - Mirror Chrome - White 5021575720525 XC6W Loading … WARNING: Do not apply products with metal faceplates directly to freshly … Our bathroom mirrors help with your morning routine and make the space look bigger too. CU6300N. Curved Edge 13A Switched Fused Spur Unit with Neon. The boards are going up shortly I just need to make sure I have made provision for the electrician when I get him round to do all the rest of the extension including kitchen and new CU. JavaScript is disabled. Browse our range for different sizes and designs, like a bathroom mirror with shelf for more storage. Andy78. Mine has pucker isolating switch located outside. Each page also comes with pictures and a video to make completing those jobs even easier! The Mirrored light is drawing 12A. ericmark - thanks for getting back to me. Looking to take a spur from an existing double socket adjacent to the bathroom and run 2.5mm cable from the socket to the bathroom light / mirror. Matt Black Bathroom. This range includes the unswitched and the switched spurs (with or without metal rocker, cable outlet, neon indicator, etc). These are coming off a fused spur just outside my bathroom which also turns both off. The double socket is fed through a 32 amp ring main. I'm now going to run a line from my bathroom ceiling light to the mirror. View similar topics: Print this topic. 13 amp fused spur. Discuss Connection behind bathroom mirror? Well, if no, then we certainly do! Thanks Wilko there is a B6 switch for both the upstairs and downstairs lighting circuits at the CU. From a mirror shelf to round mirrors, we've got them all. Any new installation comes under the new rules, existing stuff does not need altering however. Fused spur unit or fused connection unit, is an electrical switch with a built in fuse, designed for appliances that do not have or require a fused plug top. I may add a FCU (1 amp) to enable isolation of the mirror. External halogen heater switching methods. I need to wire in a bathroom mirror. You must log in or register to reply here. Keep up to date with our DIY projects, tips and latest deals. Hi - Cable in the bathroom likely to need RCD, so check the 6A lighting circuit has one. Hi,I am about to install a mirror in my bathroom which requires 240v for lights etc. After all, you use them almost every day — they help you put on makeup and shave, or merely give you the chance to review your look before heading out the door. The caution on the cabinet reads - 'must be fitted to a fused spur in zone 2/3' etc. Available in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes, you’re sure to find the bathroom or toilet mirror you need at Dunelm. As a minimum, the cable should run from the heater to a 13 amp single gang fused spur. There are two different types of fused spurs, a switched that includes a manual switch for turning on or off, … 13 Amp Double pole. DIY how to tutorial projects and guides - Did you know we have a DIY Projects section? Fire Rated Shower Downlights. Most bathroom mirrors and mirror cabinets are best placed above the sink, but that’s not to say you can’t get more creative. The switched fused spur is situated outside of the bathroom and is switched not to turn the mirrors on/off but to isolate the mirror for servicing i.e. Re: Fused spur in bathroom Reply #15 - Apr 24 th , 2008, 11:55am My guide to the regs (17th edition) lists sockets also as being OK outside Zone 2 No reference to them being supplied by an RCD either. I am going to chase in the lead from the loft, down the wall to the mirror area. Within this area of our site have literally hundreds of how-to guides and tutorials that cover a huge range of home improvement tasks. Thinking about what you want I have missed asking a very important question. Welcome to ElectriciansForums.net - The Australian Electrical Advice Forum. ... 13A RCD Fused Spur units are ideal for use with equipment in utility rooms or washrooms i.e. Shop bathroom mirrors and a variety of bathroom products online at Lowes.com. Buy Switched Fused Spurs at Screwfix.com.