Invite students to share. . What kind? Vocabulary: Below are some unusual words from Chapter 7 of Upside-Down Magic. It’s the Fluxer test, and at first Nory turns herself into a perfect black kitten. Too bad her magic is wonky. How can your class work together to get the student down using classroom objects? Were you able to stay invisible? Disney Upside Down Magic I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Use a drum or shakers to provide a beat that can go with whichever emotion is being performed. For discussion: What do you think of Ms. Starr’s lessons (interpretive dance, headstands, and so forth)? Amazing! Students should perform the dance for the class and see if the other students can guess the emotion. In "Upside-Down Magic, a Disney Channel Original Movie, 13-year-old Nory Boxwood Horace discovers she can flux into animals, and her best friend Reina Carvajal can manipulate flames. Something always goes wrong. Next, students can write persuasive letters to their parents asking to adopt a kitten-goat, highlighting the benefits of kitten-goats over other pets, and taking into account the additional maintenance a kitten-goat might require. Creative writing activity: What happened to Lacey in the testing room? Nory takes the Big Test in front of a group of teachers and her father. Sage Academy is not impressed. What were you worried about? At home, no one talks about Nory’s rejection from Sage Academy, and no one tells her what will happen when the school year starts. Where we can only go! Snack: You probably can’t make slushees (unless you have a Freezer like Elliott in your classroom), but you can serve lemonade, just like Aunt Margo does. With Siena Agudong, Izabela Rose. Nory is next. Or just marshmallows. Aunt Margo takes a dejected Nory to live with her at her house in the small town of Dunwiddle, where there is a public school that offers a class called Upside-Down Magic for students whose magic doesn’t conform to the usual types. For Andres, wonky magic means he’s always floating in the air, bouncing off the walls, or sitting on the ceiling. Nory has to get in. Music Video: Izabela Rose and Siena Agudong 'A Place For Us' UDM Diaries: Making a Movie. Encourage them to think about what the most important moments of this scene are, and to draw those moments. Encourage them to make some predictions about what will happen in the next book in the series, and to hint at that in their epilogue. What is your own family like, and why do you think the adults in it make the choices they do? She decides that it might not be so bad being upside-down after all. Nory is an upside-down Fluxer. Then, her magic goes really wonky and she becomes a Dritten—a dragon-kitten. For discussion: Nory is leaving home. It’s never easy when your magic goes wonky. Which moments should be seen from far away? Do they notice anything different about the classroom? Art and creative writing activity: Place students in small groups to create single-page comic strip versions of Nory’s Sage Academy Fluxer test. He practices flaring eggs and marshmallows. Music Video #1 – “Everything’s Magic” Performed by the Cast. Upside-Down Magic stars Izabela Rose and Siena Agudong have put their voices together for the new song “A Place For Us.” Disney Channel Voices will be releasing the music video for “A Place For Us,” and it will make its on-air debut July 24 on Disney Channel immediately after Raven About BUNK’D.The DisneyMusicVEVO premiere of the music video is July 29. He and Nory work on their normative magic during an activity in Upside-Down Magic class, annoying Ms. Starr. In their classroom, lessons are unconventional, students are unpredictable, and magic has a tendency to turn wonky at the worst possible moments. 3m. For Nory, this means that instead of being able to turn into a dragon or a kitten, she turns into both of them at the same time—a Dritten. After school, Nory and Elliott go back to Aunt Margo’s to practice suppressing their upside-down magic. Consider feelings, actions, physical qualities, and more. She tries the Flicker, Flare, Flyer, and Fuzzy tests—and fails. They meet their teacher Ms. Starr, who introduces Nory and her new friend to the rest of the class. Seriously, they have watched it more times than I can count, and it is now available to take home on DVD! For Andres, wonky magic means he’s always floating in the air, bouncing off the walls, or sitting on the ceiling. For Elliott, the simple act of conjuring fire from his fingertips turns into a frozen failure. Invite them to share with the class. Nory Horace, a ten-year-old girl who can transform into animals, is practicing for the entrance exam to Sage Academy, an elite magic school. A fellow applicant—Lacey Clench—is rude when Nory tries to wish her luck. Nory and Elliott both have first-day jitters, but they talk to each other about their wonky magic. actually, he’d rather not talk about that. Upside Down Magic. Based on the children's book of the same name by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle and Emily Jenkins. 6–8, View not found. For discussion: The UDM students have to work together creatively to help Andres. For discussion: Have you ever been reluctant to share something about yourself with your classmates or your friends? Research and writing activity: Have students research kittens and goats using nonfiction books from the library. Activity: Have students draw a box of normal on a sheet of paper. Where were you and why did it matter? . Upside-down Magic (DVD) : Thirteen-year-old Nory and her best friend Reina enter the Sage Academy for Magical Studies, where Nory's wonky magic lands her in a class for those with Upside-Down Magic, otherwise known as UDM. For discussion: Aunt Margo doesn’t like that Nory and Elliot are trying to suppress their magic, but she lets them practice anyway. Aunt Margo helps Nory get settled, and the next day, Nory’s new classmate Elliott walks her to school. English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH). For discussion: Have you ever felt pressure to join a group or team that you worried wasn’t the right fit? When their father returns home, he is furious, but instead of talking with his kids, he turns invisible. Upside-Down Magic is a Disney Original movie that my daughters LOVE! Uh-oh. / Well they forgot, this world keeps spinning / And with each new day / I can feel a change in everything / And as the surface breaks, reflections Have you ever been disappointed about something, and then changed your mind later? Upside Down Lyrics: Sometimes I need a light when the moon is low / Sometimes I need some lovin' when my feelings show / Although I never found a way to let you know / I also never found a way to let Dance activity: Divide students into groups of three or four and create a short, interpretive dance based on a single emotion (e.g., fear, worry, embarrassment, loneliness, joy, gratitude, grief, surprise).