Ford Protect Service Plan For cars and commercial vehicles up to 12 months old, a Ford Protect Service Plan is available for up to 3 years and is cheaper than paying for individual services. Q8. Ford Premium Care Covered Components. Warranties. $3,800. Use our QUICK ONLINE PRICING tool above for your custom Ford Protect Pricing. Your Samsung Care+ coverage begins immediately after purchase. When you buy a FORD EXTENDED WARRANTY online, you save hundreds of dollars over buying at a dealership!. Ford Premium Care Warranty . Samsung Care+ and Samsung Premium Care is renewed upon payment of the monthly cost for up to three years from the original date of purchase. $5000. Ford Premium Care Warranty Cost - Protect your car whether it is used or new by taking out extended warranty. I paid around $4000 for the ESP Premium Plan for 8 years/125,000 miles. A8. At the time, I told the salesmen I intended to keep this truck a long time. New, Used and Certified PreOwned Ford Protect ESP PremiumCare Plans extend your vehicle’s Standard Warranty by covering 1,000+ components. Ask yourself what you want in an extended warranty, other than roadside assistance, rental car and emergency towing, because sometimes they are the only benefits offered. Outline of potential repair costs for this Ford sedan JUST A TYPICAL COST SNAP SHOT OF … Here is a sample price. It’s all designed to keep you protected for the road ahead. As a new Ford owner, you will receive a Ford Express New Vehicle Warranty* with your purchase. Average New Engine Cost . Ford Premium Maintenance Plan Pricing. Each Ford premium warranty is the same genuine factory-backed warranty plans — PremiumCare, ExtraCare, BaseCare, PowertrainCare, and Premium Maintenance — that your local dealer may have offered you at a much higher price. Outline of potential repair costs for this Ford sedan. Subject to terms and conditions. $805.00* 6 year 75,000 Ford Protect Premium care. ... Average Transmission cost . Ford should be jailed for this scam esp extended warranty. “With all the gadgetry and electronics on these new trucks, I bought it for my 2017 F-450 Lariat Ultimate. JUST A TYPICAL COST … Ford Protect review rated 1.0/5.0 with 9 Comments: We have a 2015 Ford Explorer, after tons of calls we agree to extend the warranty of our car, so we got the premium care. Ford drivers are a very distinct group of drivers. Premium Maintenance covers these $1,500 . 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium SUV For Sale Long Island NY MMA03304 2021 Ford Super Duty F-250 SRW Lariat Truck For Sale Long Island NY 215077 2021 Ford Super Duty F-350 SRW Platinum Truck For Sale Long Island NY 215091 2021 Ford Super Duty F … The offer I was interested in was: 5 years / 60,000, $200 deductible PremiumCare for $2302 after taxes If you make six claims, you'll pay $600 in deductibles. Average Air Conditioning Cost. We offer ONLY OFFICIAL GENUINE FORD EXTENDED WARRANTIES. With 1,000 vehicle components covered with a Ford PremiumCARE warranty, this plan leaves no room for a non-covered breakdown to occur. According to RepairPal, Ford owners pay an average of … With the high cost of parts and unexpected repairs that come with owning a vehicle, it just makes sense to protect your investment with Ford Protect PremiumCARE Extended Service Plan. Low Monthly Prices . Visit our site and compare different plans to get a good claims limit. Premium CARE –It is an ... A Ford Escape will cost – $569 a year to repair and maintain; A Ford Fusion will costs – $375 for the maintenance and repair; A Ford Explorer will costs – $722 for repair; A Ford E-350 Club Wagon will costs- $632 for annual repairs and maintenance. Samsung Care+ and Samsung Premium Care may be canceled by you at any time. Expand. We encourage you to take a few moments to review the Ford PremiumCare Plan, which … This comprehensive plan provides premium protection for your vehicle with routine inspections, preventive care and replacement of select wear items that require periodic attention to ensure it’s running at top performance. Easiest choice for the ultimate plan. Ford Protect contracts are backed by Ford Motor Company. As a result, the true cost-saving portions of the Ford Protect lineup are left as add-ons. For details about this warranty, please select the date you collected your new, demonstrator or service loaner vehicle from your Dealership below: Learn more here. What Our Customers Have to Say: I assumed I would keep the truck a long time. Ford and Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plans are accepted at all Ford and Lincoln dealerships nationwide Due to its wide span of coverage, the Ford extended warranty premium care plan costs more compared to the other ESP plans, which provide much less protection: ExtraCARE covers 113 components, BaseCARE covers 89 components, and PowertrainCARE covers just 29 components. Ford Protect is the closest thing to your original Ford Warranty. At Zeigler Auto Group, we offer Ford Protect Extended Service Plans (ESP) that address a number of customer needs, including levels of protection and prices. When does Samsung Care+ coverage begin? The tagline: Built Ford Tough, is the way the company’s way of saying that they have put distinct precision and care into manufacturing your vehicle and it will undoubtedly tolerate whatever abuse or “tough” riding you can put it through. Buy A Ford Extended Warranty online today. The Premium Care Extended Service Plan is a duplicate of Ford's new car comprehensive warranty, just extended over a longer period of time. The Official Ford Extended Warranty. Four tiers of coverage to keep your vehicle on the road Each Ford Protect Extended Service Plan covers major engine components, plus all … Premium care tends to cover a lot of the small stuff (seat heater mats, OSCM sensor, blind spot monitoring modules, etc) that you don't really think … Call: 505-356-4100 . YOUR COST: $0. You would save $1,500 by prepaying. Ford’s maintenance cost is more expensive than many other brands. When this limited warranty ends, Ford owners are entirely responsible for repairs, some of which can cost thousands of dollars. Premium CARE 1000+ Parts The most comprehensive service contract coverage. When you purchase from this site you can do it with the confidence and assurance that you are getting the real Ford ESP from an Award Winning FORD DEALER who was the Pioneer on the ONLINE purchasing of FORD WARRANTY PLANS since 2002. YOUR COST: $0. Ford Premium Care ESP - 1000+ Components Covered Click for more information, pricing and quote link. Ford Extended Auto Warranty #1 Auto Repair Policy. Ford Protect Extended Service Plans help protect you from the cost of unforeseen events after your New Vehicle Limited Warranty has expired. But of course, things change. That's $2,450 in overall warranty costs. Vehicle Hire – Ford Protect will pay the cost of hiring a comparable replacement vehicle (subject to availability), including VAT, for up to 7 days following the acceptance of a valid claim, based on the manufacturers scheduled repair time exceeding 8 hours. Or you could choose a higher upfront warranty cost of $1,850 and a lower $100 deductible per claim. GET FREE QUOTE. Watch two quick videos that outline Ford Protect benefits. There are different levels of coverage to choose from, so you can be confident there's a plan that will meet your needs. Q9. PremiumCARE offers a fully transferrable, extended mechanical warranty with over 1000 components covered, and a customisable plan to suit you and your car. YOUR COST: $0. Get the ultimate in car maintenance and repair excellence. These plans are the same ones you would purchase at your local Ford and Lincoln dealerships, but offered for much less. Ford Heavy-Line tech here, The ford ESP premium care is one of the better extended warranties out there. I bought a brand new 2008 f - 150 during that year. Ford ESP is now Ford Protect!! Our service plans are designed to help you budget for the cost of servicing your vehicle and make owning a Ford as easy and convenient as possible. GET IT NOW . find vehicle cost extended car warranty vw golf extended warranty. Premium CARE Extensive coverage comes standard with PremiumCARE. Premium Maintenance gives you coverage for oil changes, tire rotations & more. Based on price quotes Weintraub got from two Southern California Audi dealerships, the out-of-pocket cost for those service visits come to about $1,910. With the high cost of parts and unexpected repairs that come with owning a vehicle, it just makes sense to protect your investment with Ford Protect PremiumCARE Extended Service Plan. He talked me into the esp and maintenance package and rust proofing and all along assured me that for 5 years, th Ford Protect is 100% backed by Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited and honoured at every authorized Ford and Lincoln Dealer across Canada and the United States. All with certified Ford parts and techs! PremiumCARE covers parts, rental benefits & more. A7. PremiumCARE. performance with a Ford Protect Premium Maintenance extended service plan. Genuine Parts and Certified Ford Technicians; 24-hour roadside assistance and rental vehicle benefits; Extended Service Plan Options. But there are many, including lawnspecialties, who feel like these plans are worth the cost. Our current PremiumCare extended warranty (ESP) with Ford expires soon, and when I took our car into the dealer they offered to extend it another 5 years. Call (888)318-8534 to add to your ESP Plan. What does the Ford PremiumCARE extended warranty cover? PremiumCARE Plus!