One of his ways of being tortured was to allow his fingernails to grow and then with a vice grip device they would pull his fingernails off for the names of the people in the house churches he planted. And the light of Your love Takes my fear away ‘Cause I know You walk before me. I give myself away I give myself away so You can use me Take my heart Take my life as a living sacrifice All my dreams All my plans Lord I place them in Your hands I give myself away I give myself away so You can use me My life is not my own To You I belong I give myself I give myself to You He Is William McDowell (As We Worship Live) . //, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. We say yes of course however most of us won’t witness to our next-door neighbor let alone a stranger and here in America it’s not a crime punishable by jail or death like it is in much of the world. Would you? Social justice is not a movement but a way of life. I give myself away. HILLSONG “I SURRENDER” LYRICS. At least that’s what I say.This leads me to the point of this note. "Lord I Give Myself" by Hillsong Worship Album: Friends In High Places (Words and music Geoff Bullock) This love ,this hope This peace of God This righteousness This faith ,this joy This life complete in me Now healed and whole And risen in His righteousness I live in Him He lives in me The rest came the next day as I began to contemplate what God was saying and I penned the words “I give myself away so You can use me.” That is the physical mechanics of how the song came but where was I?