The store's manager stands supportively behind his staff's lack of product knowledge and is drunk on Best Buy Kool-Aid. It was my understanding I was speaking with corporate, so I guess I was lied to. It's up to them how many more they want to loose. On top of that, BestBuy is telling us that there is nothing they can do, the technical team has to let them know when it's okay to refund or exchange. I watch your commercial with a woman on the roof with Santa. I will not buy anything else here again. I explained to Mr. Lee that he is a student, and he works full time and if there was something he could do to reduce the cost or something. Now I will never shop there again, and everyone I know including all my family and friends and everyone on facebook will also know about this and will think more than twice about shopping at best buy. Thankfully I was able to return the computer under the extended holiday return policy. . Apparently, when my order was initially processed my card was pre-authorized for the total amount of the sale. Corporate Best Western Headquarters. Tweet Best Buy Customer Care. I saw an ad on the evening news last night: Best Buy was apologizing to all the customers it had disappointed this Christmas because they couldn't fill orders they had promised. In another ad, kicking the Santa decoration of the roof is despicable.Your lack of respect for an American tradition has re-directed my funds for electronics to Circuit City.Merry ChristmasSanta (at my house)AKA Bob Wood. Wonder if anyone from your corporate office reads these comments. And the next time I have to chose a vendor, I can say that it will not be easy for me to trust best buy to complete the process without a headache eveytime I call.FOLLOW UP to the above...appointment was scheduled for todayINCOMPENTENT is the only word I can come up with for the service team at the Plantation location.Not only did I waste an great deal of the morning of September 16, today is the 22nd my 'scheduled' appointment. While I waited outside, I noticed the seals on the box of the keyboard I’d purchased in the store were broken, so I asked her to go back into the store and exchange it for me – since I was not only embarrassed but now banned from my local Best Buy store. oh yeah I was 25 to 30 people from the front door.Good buy best buy. Best Buy says on the phone they will do a price match with a local store ad but when you actually go in... they don't. He led us to them. I called your customer service line and was transferred to 3 different places before I could speak to the right person. All I could get was a first name and address that I could send a letter to. I hope they enjoy my extra $50! She was most helpful and went over all the extras that Sam had set aside for us to consider. Extremely Unhappy Customer,Shaun A. Best Buy, Inc. is a company of a public type founded in 1983 in Minnesota. Either way, this is our second bad experience with Best Buy and we will probably never shop there again. I walked out of the store without the receipt or the item; to which this young person followed me and tried to get me to take the item and the receipt. My son bought a 40 inch Samsung LCD T.V.with all of his H.S graduation money. On New Years day I return it. Circuit City has a little experience at that. After hearing that I felt a bit of relief, so I called over to corporate to see if they could help with the situation, and terribly, they can do nothing either, matter of fact I just got off the phone with them and I could not even speak with a manager or supervisor, they told me one would call me within 48 hours. Best Buy would loose money if they gave my phone back to me at that time. At once, he was most empathetic and apologetic. I will be filing a complaint with your corporate office as well as the BBB. I said fine and I picked it up in a week. We have never had any problems with our purchases as of yet and we have purchased several computers, music systems, bose headsets, and I pods. Hiding negative complaints is only a Band-Aid. I will let everyone know from the companies that hand out the gift cards for Best Buy, to the Better Business Bureau, to all the people I work with at the hospital up the street... don't shop at Best Buy! I asked the girl WHO the HELL gave them permission to open MY property, touch MY laptop, & burn MY recovery disks, WITHOUT my permission??!!! These call center's they worried about people stealing time, but the people that is taking the time and getting people to sign off on it is the ones that is stealing time and giving it to their friends. For a computer and I wanted it and they gave it to me after 3days fighting. Thanks is … Hampton, Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy (Ret.). I have talk to head corporation and they called the store and the manager will not do anything for me. My and co-worker and I paid for the televisions, he paid cash and I paid using a Debit card. At least to learn about product features since it is difficult to get good tech help from your ever shrinking store staff. They need to change from "BestBuy" to "WorstBuy" place. Packed great, same for core return. Corporate Office Headquarters is your directory of major corporations headquarters, and corporate offices. After a few hours of it pending we gave up. I came here to make a complaint and call Best Buy's Corporate office for a complaint until I noticed the many negative complaints they already have. The email addresses would be the corporate name followed by you can get the officers names from the other helpers post. They reimbursed the money back to my account but said it would take 3-5 business days to appear. Are you looking to access your business account? In the past, I have purchased many items from Best Buy; for personal use and for my business. I was lied to. I walked back where another customer had been waiting behind me. I agreed. This all happened in the Orem, Utah Store. All of this happened in front of other customers and neither of them offered an apology. at Best Buy, West Covina, CA) are just the type of people you need in the frontlines to succeed.I became interested in buying from Best Buy again because of employees like Aaron (West Covina). well I informed him I had spend almost $2000,00 in Best Buy this morning and I want to return all my merchandise, at that time he stated he would try and get me a another 42in and he took my information and stated he would contact me. The algorithm parameters are: user's rating, number of resolved issues, number of company's responses etc. You may interact with the Best Buy Properties in numerous ways, including Reviews and Ratings, videos, questions and answers, community forums, testimonials, and email communication. They are intended to provide what I hope is valuable feedback.1. Thanks a lot Best Buy...way to treat your customers right! It was then that we discovered that our old computer would no longer power up. So I suggest that we open the display case to find out. I declined at first but he was very persistent by continuing to bring the salesman up to me to show me computers. I won't let my family buy from them andif a friend is going I tell them how rude their staff is. I am sure that it is more individuals in the company rather then the company its self. He had the salesman show me a computer for about 600 dollars a very nice one I was told it would cost me 300. I thought that I would of had a job by now and that I wanted to spend my first paycheck and get me something nice. Another man "Anthony" came to help me and said they don't have it he can show another computer that was comparable and can get that one instead. SO THANKS BEST BUY !! After numerous calls and multiple visits I was finally able to have Mr. Arce visit my home to evaluate the situation. I told her the Best Buy verify with the warhouse that the television were available. The absolute worst customer service, ever. I would go in to these places undercover if I were best buy/geek squad and find out where my money is really going. most of what i have mentioned has occurred AFTER this "help" call 2 plus weeks after delivery of the refrig!!! Finally after 30 minutes I walked out 'once again I had a bad experience at Best Buy'. Best Buy is a leading provider of technology products, services and solutions. !I, my family,friends, and any aquaintances i meet in the future...I will warn against Best Buy, and all their services, guys are the absolute worst....and I pray that someone takes you all down...As I said my computer is a May 2011 model, and it is now obsolete, and outdated, just like the drivers and hardware....i soooooo wish Circuit City was still in business, and Corporate had to take lessons in REAL customer Service....word of mouth sooooo exceedes any advertizing you could ever do. I am going to cancel this order, tell everyone I know not to shop there and post all over the internet their unfair, incompetent, and ridiculous business practices. Thought of you immediately. I bought a LED tv, Apple tv and DVD player along with all warranties and installation. I was trying to find a contact to your marketing department. Also, the opportunity to review, rate, praise or publish a complaint about your customer experiences with these companies. I had brought my sister a dryer Friday 11/25 and it was scheduled to be delivered 11/30. She asked for price check but no one came. We promptly returned what we had purchased from your store and made the purchase elsewhere. Been close to 3 years now and haven't had any problems. David Bable, We went in to purchase a cell phone and was told by the sales person I had 14 days to return them with no penalty to me. I spent 20 minutes answering the questions, typing my reason for poor service and as I am almost done, it threw me out of the system - 'expired' so I am here now. I went and talked to the head Geek, and he couldn't have cared less. He then said for me to give him the money cause he had to pay for it and I would get the computer right then. Example email template. To ensure this feedback gets read, I am sending a copy by fax, email and standard mail to your corporate office. My fault I lost the receipt, and I had paid cash on the 23rd because alot of stores were having problems with the machines being so close to Cristmas. Also had brought another lap top back realizing it was not efficient enough for the programs I needed to run on it. A loyal customer and fan Of your Nascar team. I asked another for assistance and she said she only knew TVs. I called and was told they would credit my credit card. Let the children have their make believe time. I had to return it I need those pci slots to run my hardware for my work. My husband told him don't point his finger at me and Naveede asked my husband, "are you threading me" then he proceeded to dial 911 saying, he was going to press charges (for what) this man was out of control. Have gone through the holidays with family home and no TV! Just Rude and Crude... Debra O. I ordered an LCD TV online on November 23rd for a great price. Don't be like me and not completley read your sales ticket.This must be there plan to keep dead people from returing items but they can still vote. Not really knowing any better, we made the purchase, feeling as if we were being scammed. my overall expeceance with this company was stressful and extremly agrivating. If your company can't get me the correct lap top after the 4th try,you will be personally getting this screw up corrected. Believe it or not Best Buy nor HP sell that particular computer anymore nor does it list it as ever being sold. FED UP with Worst Buy. Follow Best Buy Comments. NOT 48 HOURS LATER. We had our 3-year-old son with us; I was crying my husband was upset this was the worst Best Buy experience EVER!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that where your dreams came from? LIES !!! I check the power saver to have it not shut down when idle after a few hours of non-use, but that didn’t help. Why I give them another try every few years for another frustrating experience is beyond me. I brought myfirst phone at Best Buy and we are looking to upgrade to another newphone but not at Best Buy. You guys ever hear of SERVICE?? To me that was in very Bad taste. !now we know the kind of people you hire. They contacted the store here in Fayetteville NC and the General Manager is stating he will refund our money, so we stood in lines for 17hours to have our money refunded. WHY DON'T THEY JUST START THE STUPID THING ON THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING . We have a 3 year old that moves a lot, and every picture whe took of her came out blury, so the entire reason of purchasing this camera was for memories of my daughter, and this camera either prevents them or makes her look spooky. I will most likely be buying frequently at the West Covina store just to check to see if you have promoted this young man or at least given him a raise.I trust you will make a wise decision :), Ms. Smith,I am writing you today to inform you that because of your company’s inflexibility on your return policy I will no longer be shopping in your store and will encourage others to do the same. I proceeded to call the toll free number to get this issue resolved so my order could be processed. Lv 7. All the manager had to say was nothing they can do. Johnny said, it must be a misprint, yes a misprint and misleading. I received an email yesterday saying there was a problem with the order. My question is where is the justice in what your company is saying about if the computer doesn’t work right after three times that it would be considered a lemon and you would get another computer? I went in an reminded the store I was waiting for a call. Shop online for pickup or delivery, or visit us in-store for a safe shopping and service experience. When we were out of the store she said, "I'll just throw it in the garbage." Christmas day came he open the gifted. I questioned that because I was speaking to her on Cyber Monday and the same Toshiba Thrieve tablet was still being sold but now $100.00 more than what I paid and it was available to be shipped directly to your home??? 15min after my husband turned it on it went out. Your Christmas commercials totally ruin the Christmas spirit. I hope that takes care of it.You do not have customer service. Its been over 12 hrs!! I received this email and after trying to reach someone and being on hold for more than 6 hours on 3 different calls, I am getting NO help on this matter. )out dated drivers...4 !!! It is on Agora Parkway in the forum.Buyers beware, don't buy Kaspersky Anti-Virus software, it's junk. One rep for them could not tell the truth after the tickets were handed out only 15 of them. I knew right then & there that BB tried to pull a scam on me. Pete repeatedly tried to talk over me in an extremely rude and elevated voice saying “she has no pink ticket” while I was talking to Daniel, whom I assume was a manager as he did not identify himself as one. This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. I received an Zagg invisible shield for my IPhone 4s as a gift from myson. I now by all my equipment from staples right 87th Street and Lex. Here is where the problems began. As I was on lunch break from work, when I got back to the office I called the Best Buy in Norman, OK. and asked to speak with the Manager, Mr. Lee. I loaded up the computer and they said that they would have to send it off to Gateway for them to check it out and probably since it was the fourth time they would consider it junk and we would get a new computer. then they showed up damaged. We were told we would need to buy an External Drive Enclosure instead. Remember me on this computer. Afterall, your promise to your consumers was not honored!! We have purchased 4 car stereos, including installation, from Best Buy in Norman. I'm about to go through all of that and more with these people. I was informed I would have to request them from Dell.I informed him, I would be in tomorrow to pick up my laptop, I expected to be met by a store manager and hey better have copies of every piece of paper I signed.I will be researching information about small claims court and contacting a lawyer. Always been to Best Buy Fullerton, CA because they are the only ones that do at least the min. I received an e-mail telling me my purchase was on its way to the store. Big businesses gotten love them my favorite quote from lethal weapons movie they F--K you in the drive thru. I agree with the above post. I emailed and as usual no answer. I bought a laptop, set it up, it got hacked so I brought it back and again no questions asked. The Board values effective corporate governance and adherence to high ethical standards. After the GEEK Squad did what they did at my house, they suggested that we take it back to the store and have the technician look at it. I am planning to buy Macbook Pro from Best Buy. I Live in MI, called the Best Buy in Superstition Springs AZ to arrange for them to sell my parents a new Sprint phone. I arrived that evening to see there was 1 hanging on the display. LeRoy Bursch. So, Naveede continues to call mall security, all the representatives in the store were coming it was crazy. She proceeded to follow me out of the store yelling at me that she couldn't keep it. I immediately called the store at about 8:50pm (was finally taken off hold at 9:30pm EST) and advised an employee (Ben), of the situation. I purchased a Service protection Waranty for $80. Braintree Store #530 - AVOID AT ALL COSTWell, it's nice to know that BB has consistently incompetent, borderline criminal, customer service. It is headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota. CONTACT BEST BUY MEDIA RELATIONS. I left more upset than I have ever left anywhere. They want your money but do not want to talk to you after they have gotten it. Then, when one of my items shipped, the amount of that item was deducted from the total sale amount and Best Buy tried to reauthorize the remaining amount, which came back declined and a hold was put on my order for the remaining items. I have a complex entertainment system that required the use of Magnolia Home Theater. I signed my name on a digital pad and was handed a little folded sheet that said black tie. I was there approx. For the hearing or speech impaired, please contact our customer support center using the Telecommunication Relay Service by dialing 711. She informed me that I missed the warranty by only two days, because it was actually a 30 day warranty. The only person that could adjust my transaction finally appeared griping the whole time. I was so furious about being ignored and neglected as a customer that I stormed out. I mentioned I had spoke with Kyle earlier that day...he insisted he had not spoken with me, argued with me, and as he walked off he tossed a piece of paper on the counter for the cashier to credit him for a 'sale over phone'. Best Buy employs 140.000 people. It is not a good way for your project its image. They wasted our time and our money and the employee blatantly lied to our faces to sell us the product. When I called Best Buy back I was disconnected "Due to High Call Volumes," then I call again and was given a recording again due to call volumes to call back in a few hours then disconnected. I bought an Optoma Home Theater Projector from Best Buy and just knew I would regret it! He questioned me on why people were mean to Santa. ALL IT IS----IS CORPORATE GREED. I called another store and they were very helpful and took care of the return for me. We walked back to customer service after being escorted by the whole store, as I was walking completely upset saying " I can't believe this and you’re the manager!” Naveede was unprofessional, rude, unaccommodating, arrogant, nonchalant, uncaring, insensitivity etc. Your manager at the Olmpia store needs to changed. As I put my receipt in my purse, I noticed it rang up as $249.99 not $229.99 as the yellow tag still stated on sale. And refused to replace or give me my money back. I hope there will be a investigation of the employees at this store so the won't happen to anyone else. I expressed to her several times that I was very unhappy and begged her to help me in some way. Yes, Hanukkah falls in the same time frame and possibly brings in the second greatest amount of shoppers, but that's generally just for kids. I count about 10 years flying by before best buy either tries to clean up their act of coming out under a different name because no one is not going to want to buy any thing from them again. He took it in and they said he misused it and should have purchased the extra warranty package! Best Buy is the largest home electronics retailer in the USA. My co-worker and friend was told he was not going to work with them because my co-worker said some cuss words and my friend was recording him. And the product is still being sold?!? But as I was watching TV with my 3 y.o. Vice Chairman and Chief Executive . AT&T wont budge and worst of all Best Buy has no record of the return so they wont do anything about it. She also serves on the company’s board of directors. Normal guy, polite, professional, minding my own business. I just left a comment, but as I read all comments have to be approved by the blog author, what is that all about, well I will wait to see if mine appears if not I will keep writing them until I see it. 0 Likes Correct Answer! Sure enough, 30 days later my very highly rated product dies and I have to return to Best Buy. Bradbury H. Anderson. When I tried the customer service line to get a number to corporate, they also would not provide a number and only offered to transfer me back to HSBC again. FIRE WHO EVER DECIEDED TO GO AHEAD MAKE PRODUCE AND AIR THEM. Their are alot of others with the same feelings as me, I am sure all the money you lost this holliday season is adding up fast, just my small circle of friends feel just like me, I find yur ad with Santa really offensiveI will stop shopimg your store and let all my friends and customers nation wide to do the sameShame on you Best Buy, Best Buy will no longer be patronized by my family after their tackless Chrismtas Advertising campaign. I am going to my local news and hopefully get them exposed. there was several 39.99 and 59.98 purchases as well as 2.00 purchase. I told frank what had happened with the service the computer area girls or lack thereofe as well as the GEEK squad guy who came from behind the counter to help someone after telling me it wasnt his department. Then they say it will be like a brand new computer, plus I get a free protection plan and everything, so if anything goes wrong they will take care of it for an entire year. 7601 Penn Avenue SouthRichfield, MN 55423South Richfield is not accurate. Never ever buy a computer the Best Buy Geek squad has touched. Every time I have given them a try, it has been a hassle. The employee informed us the television came with 3D glasses, and if we wanted to buy extras they were $40 each. Best Buy Business is dedicated to your success every step of the way. So with Christmas around the corner, you can rest assured that Best Buy will not get my business and I will be certain to tell everyone I know and they know that Best Buy has terrible customer service and a horrible return policy.Sincerely,Kelly Kellett. The person I spoke to when I called back to the store said that Mr. Lee was not there, that they only had the 1 'Asst Manager' on duty and that Mr. Lee would be back on Tuesday. I spent almost $800.00 for a new camera a PS3 and a couple other things. This would take 2-4 weeks. He then tells me that I had to wait and called for a manager through his microphone. They want to pro-rate out money back!! I've tried to contact Corporate but they really do not respond. Thank you for listening, I felt you should know how a good ex Best Buycustomer feels. If you ignore a complaint that a manager is yelling and it turns out that the manager truly is yelling, turnover may increase or customers might overhear and that's damagi I indicated that it was an inconvenience and that I would like another option. I asked to speak to a manager and "China" came on the phone and I had to explain the situation for the 3rd time. One poor judgement call on my roommate is that he breaks through the security spider thing wrapped around it to make sure all the pieces are there. Useful. I had my reciept with me to show them that i did in fact buy my phone from there and had the protection plan but they refused to help me bnecause it was not in there system. When I returned home, and began trying my "new HP Computer" I had nothing but problems....couldnt get online,outdated hardware( ON A 2011 COMPUTER????? Within 2 days I received an email that it was on back order. Anna told me I can not talk to the Manager which I thought was strange. I understand not having a receipt for a refund, but I was not asking formoney back, just wanted to even exchange the product for the right modelat the same price! After watching your commercial I feel dirty. SHOP CAREERS CONTACT ARCHIVE. It was expired right out of the package, yet I explained this to the store manager after Christmas and she did not do a thing about it. I purchased this camera for my daughter as a gift, and according to YOUR website, the camera can be shipped to the store for customer pick-up. All comments with swear words will be deleted, even abbreviated swear words. Relevance. I could normally understand that, but we got a new TV to exchange out. They even told me that they couldn't refund me because it was an online order. I HATE YOUR CHRISTMAS Ad on televison. I said again, "I will take the store credit." Contacting Best Buy. It's critical that you don't become too hardened to employee complaints, because your most important job is to help the business. It's a time for reflection of love, hope, and gratitude, a time to remember the most precious gift of all...the birth of Jesus Christ. Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation of Best Buy Co., Inc. 120 KB. This is not good customer service. To Whom it May Concern: I purchased a 42" television from best buy in Downey,CA (November of 2008). I am making sure I tell eveybody about there policy and how they misled people. She even told me to just go to the other store. Best Buy's toll-free customer service number is 1-888-237-8289. Used to be a regular customer but on the verge of going to war and using alternate vendors.