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The Galla produces about half litre of milk per day. This condition is referred to as “the goat is on heat”, - The goats becomes restless and mount each other, - A doe should be mated 12 to 24 hrs after you have seen her on heat, - Heat signs in the afternoon, the goat should be mated the next morning, - Heat signs in the morning should be mated in the evening. The males often have a pronounced mane running the full length of the buck. There are various breeds of goats which are used for commercial goat farming. By Kilimo News. Their colour ranges from pure white to pure black with various intermixes of roan and speckled brown. The Boer goat is a breed of goat that was developed in South Africa in the early 1900s for meat production. Mature male weighs 70-100 kg and mature female weighs 50-70 kg. So far we have 209 Goats in these farms.In the long run as the goats give birth to new ones, children will have their own goat farms. I have personally visited the farms and the children and it is a good idea that is working They are easily handled and can be trained. There are many crosses depending on the breeds used. The two main indigenous goat breeds, i.e. The tassels (toggles) occur in up to 30% of the population. There are two main areas of the house, the sleeping area and feeding area. Next, build or provide a covered shelter in the area, like a small pole barn, for the goats to use during winter and rain storms. The mating of two different type breeds of animals is called crossbreeding. Here are some good feeds that can be used. Yet his love for animals–and specifically goats–brought him back to farming. Can use many farm products, banana leaves, maize, maize thinnings,bean husks,etc. The disease dies out on its own, so to save deaths you must consult your vet, Clean and make sure pens are well drained and dry. Another subtype exists that has colour around the neck and lower legs and black stripe down the spine. “A better milk producer than the local goats but which are easier to raise than the pure dairy types. If you plant Napier around your maize it stops Maize stalk borer! Jul 15, 2017 - Explore winfred khalumba's board "Goat farming" on Pinterest. - 8 weeks later the vulva shows an enlargement, - 12 weeks later the abdomen enlarges noticeably. Do not feed too much leguminous feed such as desmodium, Mix feeds with grass,hay, straw or napier to balance, Only 1/3 of the days feed can be leucenea, do not feed too much, Feed goats well when ill. Good feeding will give strength, Small, weak, young and sick goats should be fed separately, Follow the best way to feed goats carefully and handle gently, Should be fed on whatever feed there is - enough to keep well and keep the animals weight, Feeding should be enough to keep its weight steady but not too fat, A fat buck will not be active and its weight, Give more feed two months before the buck has to serve the does this will improve the bucks sperm and make it more active, When a buck is being used a lot to serve does, it should be separated from other goats for about 2-3 hours per day. Leave one in the disinfectant whilst the other is in use. Reduced to 100gm/day during the 3rd month, Newborn kids should suck colostrum within 24 hours and then should be with the doe and allowed as much as they need, At one week, kids should be provided with small quantities of good clean feed e. g. Sweet potato vines, tree legumes leaves or natural tree leaves. Commercial goat farming business is contributing greatly to the economy and nutrition of a country. Goats usually become sick 7-10 days after they get infected. A good goat house will make keeping goats easier. We have established goat farms for the children in Lokichar, Lodwar and Kilgoris. The performance of the crosses has varying degree of success depending on environment and management. Traditionally, dairy goat keepers in Kisumu, Kenya, feed their goats … Avoid the pulling technique as it hurts the udder and the teat and udder will get a mastitis infection. They are a useful animal to use as a base in an upgrading programme. Provide fresh and clean water daily. Goat Farming Cost and Profit: Introduction to Goat Farming Cost and Profit:- Well, in any farming, cost and profit depends on many factors and if somebody gets profits in one kind of business, it does not mean that you can get as well.Goat farming is one of the fastest growing business in India as demand for goat meat (mutton) is increasing. Dairy Goat Breeds in Kenya Saanen Toggenburg Barbari Jamunapari This will allow it time to eat as well as serve the does, Lots of fresh and clean water needed all the time, Must be able to lick the mineral lick at any time, Concentrates should be fed to Does just before the does are served by the buck, Increase feed gradually for 2 months up until the doe gives birth, Continue feeding concentrate while she is giving milk, Be fertile when served so as to get twins (Flushing). They can be wasteful. The milk in the teats is squeezed downwards and not pulled. What you need to start Farming Beef in Kenya: The country currently mainly exports animal products to the Middle East. The exotic breeds have been crossed with the local breeds to get a better adapted and higher yielding animal than the local goats. In the space and using the same feed you need to keep a cow you can keep 6 goats! How farmer picked the right chicken breed, How to start small and make Sh. See more ideas about goat farming, goats, dairy goats. Common meat goat breeds in Kenya are; boer, mato and black Bengal. They have a pronounced mane in both male and female. Dairy Goat Breeds in Kenya. Welcome to the Kids' Goat Farm Campaign. (Animals about to give birth also behave like this), They do not lie down and rest even when others in their group do so unless it gets very ill, They have dull eyes and show little interest in their surroundings, Often have rough coat and look weak and tired. Clean the feeding trough and water bucket every day, Give lots of different feeds such as grasses and legumes, tree leaves and fresh kitchen remains, Give chopped mixed feeds to make sure the goats eat everything and does not waste feed, Feed goats at least 3 times a day and at the same time every day, Put some feed in the feed trough or rack or hang up some feed to be eaten overnight, If you use molasses to make feed taste better do not use too much it will make feed sticky. Prices do not include shipping and you are encouraged to pick up your kid at the farm, unfortunately we do not deliver outside of our local area. Written by Maurice Rangoma. Tasty Meat! Boer goats. There are two breeds of Toggenburg one originating from Switzerland and the other one from Britain. Select a goat breed, age, and gender, then buy at least 2 goats to get your farm started. At present, goat farming has become a profitable business and it requires a very low investment because of its multi-functional utility. Provide a Mineral Lick [block] always to all goats. Only eating some of the plant. A pregnant doe should be dried up three months into its pregnancy, - A few days before there will be discharge for the vulva, - On the day of kidding, the doe bleats, paws the bedding and becomes restless, - With proper feeding and management, goats normally give multiple births. What can be done to improve the productivity of the local goats? 1. we produce fresh milk in our farm. Does not need a lot of water and, Goats are used traditionally as payment of dowry. These goats however do not produce enough milk for their kids and extra for human consumption. Somali Goats Best For Meat On Sale. A halved long ways plastic container nailed to a board, at least 1 foot wide can be useful, Or just as good - hang the salt so the goat has to reach for it, Does not need a large amount of land and no grazing pastures. 150,000 from rabbit skin bags and shoes, Kienyeji, Kuroiler or Kenbro? Should be fed on fresh, highly nutritious mixed fodder, Mineral blocks must be given at this stage, This is a very good feed that goats like very much, It is a good crop to plant because it gives tubers for the family to eat and the leaves can be fed to the goats, It can be planted beside river beds, steep parts of the shamba and roadside edges. They have a higher compensatory growth rate after long dry season. When you start to wean young goats they will begin to feed on solid food. The death of kids before they are weaned is perhaps the single biggest cause of loss experienced by goat farmers. It’s the milk queen of the Kenyan arid and semi arid areas. The ears are of medium length (approximately 12cm), are slightly pendent and rarely pricked. Half a hectare of Napier grass can support five dairy goats but only one dairy cow. This has small gaps - about half an inch wide (or the width of a side of a match box) between the planks or rafters. Incorporate a place where they can sleep and a place where they can roam around. Be half the area for the 4 does. There should always be water in the bucket. This is the milk queen in the goat world. - Feed them properly with different grasses and shrub browses, - Keep them in a properly built goat house, - Cross breed them with improved goat breeds like Toggenburg, - Keep records to help you in knowing and managing your goats, - Farms are becoming smaller as each new generation inherits land, - Goats can be kept on small pieces of land, - Breeding helps the farmer to have more animals, - With good breeding you get more and better animals, Good breeding means a farmer has to know his animals and taking good care of them. While maize is grown for farmer’s food, there is a lot of fodder which can be used for feeding the goat which will not stop the farmer getting a good maize yield, Once the kid is born there are a number of things to be done, Farmers need to be able to identify their animals so they can keep records and easily know the age, breeding and usefulness of each animal. These goats occur throughout East Africa from desert to urban and known in tribal or local names. The most important thing to do is keep yourself, your hands and buckets, clean. House should be raised 1.5 feet (or just below knee height) from the ground. Make sure you build your farm in a place that has access to clean drinking water. Tincture of iodine, If possible same person should milk always, Sick goat stands apart from the others in a group. It was a windy cold evening on the slopes of Aberdare Ranges in Ndunyu Njeru, Kinangop in 1991.... 2020 Bizna Digital Services | All rights reserved. Kids should continue with milk for the first three weeks, and thereafter be allowed milk with fresh mixed fodder up to 3-4 months. Apart from temperature, space is necessary. Boer goats have a high resistance to disease and adapt well to hot, dry semi deserts. Goats are often eaten during land cases, parties, clan meetings etc. - This makes them produce very little milk. In 2015, we started rearing hybrid goats (Boer and Savannas from South Africa) and local goats (mubende and galla from Kenya). In order to be a successful goat farmer, there are basics you must consider or know before you start a goat farm. Cheese and yoghurt are so there is a growing market. The goat is bred for milk with average milk yield ranging from 2.5-4lts subject to levels of management. They may have toggles (tassels) or not. What kind of feed should the goat be given? Can be supplemented with at least 200 gm/day of dairy meal. Insights on profitable dairy goat farming in Kenya: The Small East African Goat. If you are considering goat rearing for meat, look for meat goat breeds in Kenya that are highly productive and produce good quality meat. As a child, he liked following after the cattle and goat herders. Successful dairy goat farming in Kenya Keeping dairy goats in Kenya is a profitable venture if all the requirements are taken into consideration. It’s the milk queen of the Kenyan arid and semi arid areas. - The local goats are mainly meat types, East African and Galla. Cut Napier often so it is easy for the goats to eat and digest, These have lots of protein and you need only feed a little at a time, These are for example: leuceana, calliandra,sesbania and desmodium, The trees and legumes,should be planted along the fences and terraces Leuceana is good in fences, They do not need a lot of work once they are growing, Desmodium when available should be inter-cropped with Napier, Calliandra does better in high altitudes (tea zones) than leuceana, Do not forget that many weeds also make good fodder. Use of local materials means you can use off cut planks, etc. Goat Farming in Kenya: Important Tips for Those Interested in the Business Goat farming in Kenya for meat or milk- You can focus on either. Kilimo News catches up with Robert Macharia at the Nairobi Agricultural Trade Fair popularly known as Nairobi show preparing his dairy goats for a parade. Goats meat is very tasty and it is juicy and eaten often by many people, More and more people are learning about how good goats milk. Supervise birth to make sure births and animals do not get cold or too high temperatures. Common goats generally survive in warm areas that are well drained. They may be horned or naturally polled. They may or may not have horns. The breed is suited for the higher cooler regions where heat stress is not a problem and good quality fodder is freely available. They are very gentle and quiet in temperament. Successful goat farmers in Kenya – Share and learn. Lies on side when close to death, paddling legs. The females are long-lived and will continue to breed and rear healthy kids up to 10 years of age. • goats use small doses of drugs - cheap and easy to maintain; • good for people who do not have a lot of money to start with; and • goats make very good manure. you can make the first one with local materials. Initially the goat only produced enough milk for his family and none for sale. These include but not limited to the following: Location: The most important consideration you must first make is location. Some people cannot drink cows milk. Most of them are kept in the drier agro - ecological zones in Natural Ecological Regions IV and V and in Tse -tse infested areas .Natural it is clean and ready for farming consumption. Dairy goats require less land than the same number of dairy cows. Goats are important in some rituals, they are used during Circumcision ceremonies for example, Goat horn and bone are used in the traditional craft industry, Goats require less labour and time per head compared to cattle, Free from sharp objects that might cut the goat, Slats on floor for free fall of droppings, With an area of at least 2 meters per animal, When placing mud,make holes in the wall slanting down so that,the air does not land directly on the goats, Floor with slats to let manure fall through - keeps feet and animals clean and dry, Place to hang mineral block (placed where it cannot be rained on). Irregular milking can lead to low yields and increased chance of mastitis. They have an "allergy" to it. But as it is very important to have a house. This is the best starting point for those with the local goats wishing to keep dairy goats. They are white haired with a black skin, on the nose (muzzle) feet and underneath the tail. - Male weighs between 70-110 kgs live body weight, - Females weigh 60-70 kgs Eve body weight, - Its milk is good for making cheese due to high butter fat content, can go for quite a long time without water in very dry times. One month before mating the doe should be fed and watered very well so as she is in the best of health. Dairy Goat Farming in Kenya Why goat farming in Kenya ? Before milking the udder should be washed with clean water which has disinfectant added to it. In Kenya, goat milk production costs less than cow’s milk. Both sexes have horns that sweep directly backwards and are often curved upwards at the tip. - The local goats can survive and thrive in the hot climate, low quality forages and fodder and to some extent resistant to common diseases. Goat farming as a Business MRS, SNV, DLPD 1 1.0 INTRODUCTION There are more than 3 .5 million goats in Zimbabwe, of which 98 per cent are indigenous breeds and owned by the smallholder farmers. Milk is watery and contains clots of blood, Apply antibiotics via the teat as instructed by the vet, Could result from failure to milk completely, injuries as a result of pulling teats during milking therefore milking completely and use of squeeze method instead of pulling, Good clean hands, equipment and teats at all times. It... Semi-intensive system: In semi-intensive goat farming is preferred in regions … 40% of the males under 14 months have beards. Successful dairy farming in Kenya is a gift not only to the farmers, but also to the community that consumes milk, and to the country's economy at large. 30,000 monthly net profit from chickens, How to use tube silage to grow dairy farming profits, Autopsy reveals how Warunge attacked, killed each of his family members, Kenya is broke, CS Ukur Yatani finally admits, Wokabi: Cost of owning an electric car in Kenya (Nissan Leaf 2014), Man who quit teaching to preach, shelter orphans marks ministry’s 30yrs, Marital problems After I Lost my First Wife to Cancer Solved, Househelp: What I heard on night lawyer Elizabeth Koki was murdered, NMS to construct 62,000 rent or buy houses in Eastlands, Barely 2 Days To My Wedding, My Husband Unknowingly Sent Me Seductive Sex Text Meant For His Lover, Octagon and National Bank Partners With Costa Homes to Enhance Safety of Buyers of Affordable Housing, Kenyan woman who built parents house in 2012 finally builds her mansion. They have a varied coat colour with shades of grey, brown, black, redbuff and combinations. There are also crosses between the exotic breeds for instance Saanen and Alpine. Diseases to watch out for in kids some of the disease could also affect Adult goats, -Give plenty of clean water (oral fluids), Variable temperatures, changing from hot to cold. i.e 4 square metres, To store fodder, for use during the dry season, build a store adjacent to the goat house that is roofed to avoid hay being rained on, A one [1] foot square box is ideal for the purpose. Good milking is done by the squeeze method. The Galla goat is an indigenous to Northern Kenya. - Recording increases animal values and therefore sales income, - Recording promotes increased milk yields, - Recording promotes improved genetic merit, Good record on service date will help you calculate the expected date of birth after breeding. Remove extra leaves - this should start with the leaves below the cobs as soon as the cob can be seen. Goats in Kenya. The tassels (toggles) occur in up to 30% of the population. October 11, 2019. After completing high school, Joe went on to train as a teacher and earn his BEd. It is also known as the Boran or Somali goat. Raising meat goats breeds for meat production in Kenya can be a worthwhile initiative. The doe needs careful feeding in order to: During first 2 months after Kids birth and giving milk. When kids start eating fodder they will suffer high worm infection so they need to be dewormed after exposure, When given concentrates kids are likely to suffer Enterotoxiemia so you will need to vaccinate against these diseases, Don’t stop feeding milk suddenly but this should be gradual to avoid indigestion or bloat, Do not let hooves grow longer than shown below, cut and trim carefully, The milking shed should be cleaned after each milking and disinfected, Before starting milking, the milker should wash his hands, arms with soap and hot water, or disinfectant. Take hold and squeeze the base of the teat with the thumb and forefinger to trap the milk in the teat. Squeezing slowly downward makes the milk come out. So be quick so that you get as much milk as possible, Always house/pen the doe and the serving buck in different pens to prevent smell in the milk, Make the milking parlour far from the buck pen, Wind direction should be from milking palour to the buck pen and not vice versa, Always be calm, friendly to the doe and milk at the same time every day, Maintain similar milking position (Back position or side position), The nails on the hand of the milker should be short, Wash milk equipment with hot water rinse and dry on a rack immediately after milking, Avoid giving feeds with strong smells just before milking and during milking e.g.silage, pineapple, waste etc to avoid tainting the milk, The hair on the flanks and around the udder should be trimmed regularly and the goat brushed occasionally, Use of sprays/oils/soaps with smell by milker will taint the milk. Where a farmer has a big shamba then plant as one crop near the home to save time and work when taking to the goats, Good napier needs manure and top dressing with a fertilizer and needs weeding, Where new fields are being planted mixed cropping with desmodium improves the quality of the fodder. The female ranges in height from 70-76.cm and the male 80-90cm when mature. - A farmer can know his / her animals by keeping records on his / her animals and the events taking place. They are docile animals easy to handle but do not like cold wet climate, thriving best in low altitude preferably in acacia bush country. TOP 6. They have a long body and seem bony. Close the other three fingers squeeze downwards in turn. For this sort of beef farming in Kenya yo succeed, it is worth noting that, the requisite weight gain cannot be achieved without ensuring cattle entering a feedlot system are … So they will begin to pick up diseases such as Coccidiosis. They are mainly kept for meat as their milk is rarely enough for one kid. KSh 4,500 ... we have togenburg goats. This is why some children are reared on goats milk when cows milk and all else has failed. Deserts; Mountains; Grasslands; Lush tropics Goats can live even when there are: Water shortages; Food shortages; Very hot; Variable temperatures, changing from hot to cold; Hard, rocky countrysides; Why Goats survive in the tropics; Other important dairy goat precautions during milking; - Farmers keep local goats. The Female weighs from 50-60kgs while bucks weigh 65-80kg. Milk is used at home so that the family get the best milk - if there is a cow many farmers will sell the cows milk for cash and make sure the family gets the goat milk to drink! Their colour ranges from pure white to pure black with various intermixes of roan and speckled brown. the Small East African Goat and the Galla have great potential due to their characteristics and adaptability … Goats milk is better for the family as it has a "High Nutritional Content." A slatted wooden floor is very important. Goat raising methods or systems in Goat Farming In Kenya Extensive or Open Grazing System: This method is suitable where abundant pasture area is available for grazing. There are many feeds the goat likes. Goats Milk is easy to drink and is a richer food because it has more calcium, phosphorous and chlorine than cows milk. The dairy goat gives as much milk as it is given the right food!! It is also known as the Boran or Somali goat. They have been keeping these goats for many years. A dairy goat production handbook for farmers Source FARM Africa Keywords Goats, animal production, animals, Kenya, diary Country of first practice Kenya ID 6939 and 2010 Poverty reduction for small scale farmers through sustainable dairy goat farming. There are many goat breeds which are very suitable for farming according to the weather and climate of Kenya. Show all. When goats that are related are mated this is called inbreeding. Nobody is allergic to goat\'s milk! Useful in feeding kids whose mothers die early in thier life. The first drop of milk from each teat should be thrown away as it has a very high bacterial count. The Bwogi farm has been in existence for over 30 years now. The popular breeds for goat meat production include the Boer Breed, Spanish breed, Black Bengal, Kalahari, Rangeland among others. They have been declared the best dairy goats in production and being well kept and he agrees to a … Use two cloths alternatively for washing the udders. The face is straight, the ears are upright and alert (pricked) the hair is short and fine and the body is long. Always have fresh water for goats to drink at any time. Horns in male are long and curving back. Macharia- the urban dairy goat farmer. Boer, German Alpine, Toggenburg, Saanen, Anglo Nubian and some other breeds are suitable for commercial and profitable goat farming in Kenya. Deadly goat diseases linked to stress The female measures 74 -80 cm in height while the mature buck measures 81-92cm. Use of coocidiostats in feeds to keep egg level low but allow goats to become immune, Fever at the beginning and later, fever drops down, Survivors of the infection may show nervous signs and problems with joints, Treat new cases immediately, consult your vet, Disinfect the navel with iodine solution at birth, Avoid contamination of feeds and utensils by keeping clean, Quarantine of kidding pen if diseases occurs with kids, Give 10% of birth weight of colostrum in the first 24hours, Avoid moving late-pregnant does to new, distant locations to avoid exposing their off springs to infections of which they have not met before. How can you know your goat is pregnant after mating? Home » Agribusiness » Macharia- the urban dairy goat farmer. HAEMONCHUS CONTORTUS in stomach. Dairy Goat Farming in Kenya. The kid should be allowed to suck the milked teat after milking for proper emptying of teat canal, After milking use a teat dip containing a suitable antiseptic e.g. READ ALSO: Dairy farm record keeping in Kenya . You can know the expected date by counting 5 months from the date of service and take off three days. Generally goat farming means ‘rearing goats for the purpose of harvesting milk, meat and fiber’. Avoid any stress related conditions in the goats. www.Farmers.co.ke is the site for authoritative multimedia agricultural and agribusiness content. Broken grains - these are very nutritious especially after a heavy harvest but should be fed carefully to avoid grain overload, This is removal of very young horns that have not grown, Should be performed by a vet using a hot iron, Male goats that will not be bred should be castrated early in life (in the first 2 months) and kept for meat, Can be done by use of rubber rings, burdizzo castrator, or open methods, Using an applicator insert the Rubber to the testis as shown, make sure it is as high as possible, Make sure the testis are in the scrotum, below the ring and release carefully, This can be done on farm after a little practice, Extension staff can demonstrate this to farmers interested, Let kids try hay and grains early in life to strengthen their stomachs. Get kids every year (twice per year) and sell them easily when ready, With small farm sizes it is a better way to earn money and feed the family. ADGA transfer and registration applications will be furnished at sale and final payment. - Dairy type goats produce a lot of milk but do not adapt very well. Foul smelling faeces containing mucus and blood. Types of breeds for profitable dairy goat farming in Kenya, 8 mistakes to avoid in tomato farming in Kenya, All you need to know about making money from duck farming in Kenya, Why you’re not making money from chicken farming and what to do, George Otieno: How I make Sh. - These dairy goats are normally mated to local goats to get a goat that is. Thinning - all the extra maize seedlings that grow from the same seed hole should be thinned and dried a little before feeding to the goats. Call us to make an appointment to meet your new goat friend. Repeat this in a rhythm and quickly-using the full hand to avoid finger and thumb striping. FarmKenya is an initiative by The Standard Group PLC committed to impacting farming communities in Kenya through its 360 degrees media strength. napier with mud splash from rain, Do not like sticky, mouldy, wet dusty feed. It originated from Switzerland. With Swiss type, the female weights are in the range of 50kgs with bucks up to 70 kg. The Galla goat is an indigenous to Northern Kenya. - Animals of different ages need different attention, - Does, bucks and kids should all be given good care appropriately, - Well fed and health parents, good offspring, - Both does and buck must be well fed and cared for before becoming parents, - Allow mating to occur at the right time, - A doeling come into heat at 4 to 5 months of age therefore must be raised apart from bucks from 4 months, - You should mate your doe when it is over 1 year old, - To get good results a farmer must control his goats, - First mating will depend on age and condition of the goat, - Mating before one year should only be allowed provided before and during pregnancy, - It is recommended that a doe should be bred when she each 75% to 80% of its mature weight, - For milking does they should be bred after the third month of kidding, A goat can only be bred when she is ready. - Inbreeding should be avoided in animal production, - Inbreeding results in weak offspring, decreased productivity e.g milk and even death, - Bucks should therefore be rotated or moved from their stations after one and half years. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. Home » AGRIBUSINESS » Types of breeds for profitable dairy goat farming in Kenya. Abortions in goats are not common, but can be avoided by protecting the doe against difficult situations keeping the does well fed and disease free. Toggenburgs often give birth to twin kids so don’t make the pen small! The South African Boer Goat is widely recognized to be the yardstick against which meat producing goats across the world are measured.
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