Will order again now!! It was a summer treat. Take yourself back to those long, youthful summers spent walking the beach boardwalk with this delightful, whipped taffy that melts in your mouth. The coffee flavored ones are my favorite. Comes in 16 different mouth watering flavors or if you can't choose get … Dolle's: Fresh salt water taffy - See 146 traveler reviews, 37 candid photos, and great deals for Rehoboth Beach, DE, at Tripadvisor. Each 14 oz. Here’s why this little candy shop will satisfy your sweet tooth in the best way possible. Happy Hours. Only 4 peanut butter chews a lot of lavender colored So good. I have diabetes so I enjoy it since I can’t have regular candy. There is a reason they are still around, great selection, great flavors" Yes l would buy the again! Either way they will be impressed. We suggest a quick call for details of the program. We are perfect for sporting events. Fans will feel the team spirit with each bite. Good stuff! 1. Over 60 flavors and colors of gourmet and sugar free saltwater taffy at wholesale and discount prices. We have the creamiest taffy around that combines perfectly with our Hawaiian sea salt. Sugarless was especially good with no guilt! Enjoying the Taffy and the msple fudge is delicious! 55 reviews of Shriver's Salt Water Taffy & Fudge "The oldest and the best! I want to order the watermelon slices if they are sugar free. Gluten Free. This so good and so many different flavors. The Frankenmuth Taffy Kitchen is currently being renovated from the inside out, to match our fresh, new look to our fresh new flavors. We have made this easy for teams, students, and schools. Two at a time satisfies me. Since our taffy is made fresh daily, we can match the colors and flavors for an unforgettable wedding. I'm a peanut butter fan, so would have like a few more of those, overall will order again. A must at any cocktail party. The origins of the name are unknown. Saltwater taffy is as Massachusetts as baked beans and Fenway Franks. My husband is diabetic and most sugar free means flavor free. Just have to remember to limit myself daily. Peanut Butter Taffy From $ 4.95. The salt water taffy is wonderful. Is it only available in a mix or can you choose your flavors? I have wondered how to bring that special taste to the coast of Florida. There are free samples of 3 types of popcorn and many times samples of taffy or fudge or ice cream. Our taffy is a charming little touch that can blend colors in a simple way. Talk to us to make it happen. Excellent salt water taffy, just like Home. I received this taffy yesterday and have been hard pressed to not eat the whole bag! We look forward to seeing you in the spring. ... Sea Salt Caramel Taffy From $ 4.95. It is so soft and creamy. I love the taffy. Size: Quantity. Sugar Free Assorted Salt Water Taffy Jackie's Chocolate. It is so good. Print Taffy gift card at Home. We support your team and goals. Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge From $ 8.95. Powered by Shopify. Very close to the ones I got as a kid in Atlantic City. Saltwater taffy Pineapple. Sugar free taffy is REALLY GREAT. 148 Flavors (with sugar) of Salt Water Taffy @ $1.74 per 1/4 lb. With over 26 flavors, there's something for everyone! I don't know how to do a selfie, but, I sent the tardy to my diabetic sister and she was in HEAVEN!! It's good but I wish the flavors were more distinctive. Peppermint Taffy From $ 4.95. I’m a newly diagnosed diabetic and I crave sweets. Obviously, I found the answer at cocktail hour with my sister Karen. It is delicious. You can not tell the difference between no sugar and sugar ones. We are the only manufacturer in Monterey, California making Salt Water Taffy for over 47 years. Peppermint is my favorite. Enjoy! Homemade candies, candy, fudge, chocolates, peanut brittle, Salt Water Taffy, taffy, brittle As Seen On Tv's History Channel World Famous Saltwater Taffy "Try Our New Green Tea Flavor" Our exclusive Monterey Salt Water Taffy is made with only the finest ingredients available. We would love for our taffy to be a part of your party's decor. You can thank them with tropical flavors or Taffy Hour flavors. thank you. Vanilla Taffy From $ 4.95. I grew up near Keystone, SD and loved watching the taffy being made through the front window of their shop. My favorites are the Taffy and the bridge mix so far, I Love Them. It is a delicious whipped taffy that melts in your mouth … love the sugar free salt water taffy. I will order again! Good quality taffy is hard to find...well..I don't have to search any longer!☺️. Bulk. Jackie's candy tastes better than the real thing. Custom. Salt Water Taffy History. Love being to have some taffy!! The texture of the taffy is very smooth and creamy. Taste like the real thing. We have had six different sugar-free candies and have love them all. Noticed that there was none of the “after taste” that I have experienced with sugar free candy from previous purchases. Very good and was very fresh!!! love the salt water taffy, but i'm looking for peanut butter, chocolate, strawberry etc. Sea Salt Caramel Taffy From $ 4.95. Come Find Us. Sweet's Salt Water Taffy is … I have so missed the salt water taffy everyone gets at the shore. Made my day!! Purple Mountain Taffy Company is home to the world’s best salt water taffy. SHOP NOW. We can match your team with the color and flavor of your choice and support your athletic department or charity. Love your sugar free candy, Have already place another order. Click the file link below, then print on your own paper, fold and give your taffy gift! Also say the same with the Marshmallow caramel product as well, Being from New England, it's been hard to find a good taffy. A lovely assortment of flavors including coffee, grape, orange, vanilla and peppermint. They are great tasting. Fresh Salt is closed for the winter. I bought them for my husband as part of his birthday gift. Jackie's Chocolate. great taste. Toll Free: 888-738-5280. Buy Salt Water Taffy online here through our online store. 146 Beekman Street Btw Front St. and South St. near the South Street Seaport (212) 962-0053. 1919 State Fair Salt Water Taffy has remained virtually unchanged over the years. You won’t find this treat in the local store. Love this taffy. I love saltwater Taffy. Copyright © Salt Water Taffy. For over 100 years, Taffy Town has been manufacturing gourmet Salt Water Taffy. Instagram. Does not have an aftertaste. These are exactly like I remember and they are sugar free! Facebook. Great texture and chewiness. The others were so good. 14oz Box of Maine Saltwater Taffy $ 9.95 5oz Box of Assorted Maine Saltwater Taffy $ 5.95 Bagged Maine Saltwater Taffy $ 5.95 New England Assorted Saltwater Taffy Tasted just like the originals. GREAT. Reminds me of going to the beach as a kid. The short answer is a resounding yes. Salt Water Taffy in bulk, all the best flavors and more. His entire stock of taffy was soaked with salty ocean water. I was really excited to get my sugar free taffy! 2021 Made fresh in the USA. Wee R Sweetz has been making salt water taffy for 2 generations with Dad's famous recipe! Sorry, I don't do selfies, ever. The most popular story comes from a candy-store owner whose shop was flooded during a major storm in 1883. These are the best sugar free candies to help curve your sweet tooth. Salt water taffy is a chewy, satisfying treat and the variety of flavors will always keep you wanting more. Fresh salt water taffy made right on the waters of the Florida coast in the Candymaker store. Take a trip down memory lane with Taffy Town’s juicy Green Apple taffy that has the perfect amount of sweet and tart flavors. Our variety contains both new and classic flavors that you are sure to love. Can't wait yo purchase individual flavors of the taffy. To make the best salt water taffy Estes Park has to offer, we use our … Tastes like good old fashioned salt water taffy. The taffy was amazing! Chocolate Taffy From $ 4.95. The taffy is pretty good for sugar free. Our Taffy Makers have taken the past 6 months to provide innovative improvements to our Taffy recipes, which will now feature all natural ingredients (including our flavorings). The peanut butter truffles are fabulous and the creams are good too. I will probably purchase the chocolates again some time. Lots of "heritage" candy that people remember from their childhood (Pixie Stix and Goobers and gummy worms) along with high-quality local chocolates. Loved the taffy but there was way too much of one flavor in bag, the red and white mint. This product was very tasty and even though the cost is high I would probably purchase this product again, more volume for the money! I am enjoying it anyways. We sometimes get asked about the freshness of our taffy. Sweet’s is the largest producer of salt water taffy in the nation. Thank you, everything is delicious, I will be ordering more. Download and print our taffy gift announcement after you order a box, so you can 'hand over' a delicious gift of our fresh Estes Park Salt Water Taffy® in just a few minutes. Follow our social media for updates! Sutter’s Taffy EST. Licorice Taffy From $ 4.95. Find 1 listings related to Salt Water Taffy in Biloxi on YP.com. It is hard to find good sugar free anything so when I saw this I had to try the sugar free salt water taffy and I love it and so do my kids. I love the sugar-free taffy it taste so good and we’ve had the chocolates also very very excellent. Salt Water Taffy in bulk at CandyStore.com. Need taffy for a thank you? I’m going to order it again & again. Maple Pecan Fudge From $ 8.95. I absolutely loved the sugar free taffy! Copper Kettle Fudge Over 18 flavors of our fresh handmade fudge Shop Fudge. STUFF. Absolutely loved them!! They are costly so I can't afford to get them every month. Hoping it will ship soon! This is my last piece of this delicious, sugarfree taffy. We strive to bring you the quality and taste that has carried the Sutter name through the generations. There are certain treats that tie to memory so easily. We loved the taffy and it's association with another family vacation. Will most likely be ordering again!! We needed those great flavors of the fresh pulled taffy to match our new and mature taste buds. Tastes great. The chocolates are very good and I like them the best of the 3 items that I purchased. I will probably order again. © 2021 Tropical Taffy Naples. Because we cook in small batches, our kitchen is prepared to cook any custom flavor. Salt water taffy reminds us of the beach and salt air and the colors of summer. This product is very good, no after taste expected from a sugar free product. Because we cook in small batches, our kitchen is prepared to cook any custom flavor. You would never know they were sugar free, unless ya eat too many. Our salt water taffy florida is authentic and hand crafted. I am a diabetic and So far I have ordered the Taffy, the toffee, the bridge mix and the malted milk balls and the slices, I didn't eat the slices because I didn't know if they were sugar free. Fresh Saltwater Taffy Over 30 flavors of handmade saltwater taffy Shop Taffy. Chocolate is delicious and so is the taffy. The dresses, flowers, and colors are perfectly coordinated. All made from scratch using machinery dating back to 1911, what the original taffy makers would use. A lovely assortment of flavors including coffee, grape, orange, vanilla and peppermint. Salt Water Taffy 2 lb. Very habit forming!! Taffy is delicious and chocolates are very good. Terry Atckison. Good candy. Saltwater taffy Lilikoi BEST SELLER. This stretchy, gooey candy is a classic Bay State treat, and no one does it better than Cabot’s Candy. The lavender color flavor was a bit low, not quite sure what it was, but rest were yummy. Thanks to our loyal customers (sincerely, they are the best), we move through our taffy inventory extremely quickly, which means we are consistently shipping fresh, great-tasting salt water taffy 365 days a year. Traditional Assortment $ 19.49; History. I cannot take a picture because it has been consumed! Works for any occasion. Tastes like the regular thing!! Our saltwater taffy makes a great gift because it brings back childhood memories for those of us who have traveled to the shore on summer vacations. Sweet's Taffy is markedly different from the version of salt water taffy known along the Eastern shore. Taffy Shop offers over 70 flavorful salt water taffy options for all occasions. The texture is excellent and I can discern no difference in flavor or chewiness from regular taffy. Can’t take selfie....taffy all gone! LOCAL HAWAII STYLE Li Hing Mui Add to wishlist. He loved your candy! So good, you'll forget they're sugar free! Goldenrod Restaurant: Best Salt Water Taffy in Maine - See 619 traveler reviews, 86 candid photos, and great deals for York Beach, ME, at Tripadvisor. Let's cut to the chase, is it fresh? I’ll try to order just peanut butter ones to get what I prefer. Our Purple Mountain salt water taffy, caramels, and gourmet treats are made by confectionary experts in Colorado. Thanks, Jackie's Chocolates for yet another sugarfree delight! Shriver's is the oldest business on the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey. We needed a Taffy Hour. I had sent her chocolate s last month and she said they were scrumptious! In 1898 William Shriver founded Shriver's as a restaurant, ice cream, and candy store. We serve happy hour specials Mon-Fri. Come visit us between 4-6pm. Ones. One of the easiest ways to display team spirit is to show off the team's colors. Take yourself back to those long, youthful summers spent walking the beach boardwalk with this delightful, whipped taffy that melts in your mouth. Our taffy is soft, fresh and flavorful. Website and Photography by Nichole Weber Webdesign. 172 flavors... 148 with sugar and 24 in our sugar free assortment. And you better believe I'm ordering more! I’m not a huge fan of mint and a bit disappointing to have over 1/2 the 1 pound bag be just that. Her birthday is in June! It’s ok but not the flavors I really like. Have ordered these multiple times....love them. salt water taffy. Our salt water taffy florida is cooked fresh daily and the tropical flavors we offer are an amazing memory of traditional Florida. If you have been to Atlantic City, or visit New England coastal towns where taffy originated, you can appreciate the handmade methods of making salt water taffy and the selection of dozens of different flavors. Order by phone: (888) 738-5280. www.seasidecandyman.com. Cinnamon Taffy From $ 4.95. Love Taffy.... especially salt water. Cherry Taffy From $ 4.95. Saltwater taffy Strawberry Guava. Its all tasty but I wish you could buy just your favorite flavors!! Good stuff. Salt water taffy was originally made and sold at Atlantic City, New Jersey some time in the late 1800s. Only trouble we had was the taffy sticks to the paper. This Myrtle Beach favorite is handmade and locally produced by the same family over the past 40 years. It is the finest and freshest salt water taffy Florida has to offer. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Salt Water Taffy locations in Biloxi, MS. Thank you for these treats. In 1910 Sweet Candy Company introduced its world-famous, gourmet taffy. Sweetcandy's World Famous Salt Water Taffy is available in a variety of traditional and innovative flavors. Delivery & Pickup Options - 35 reviews of Dickinson Candy "The best candy/ice cream store I have ever seen. I have to discipline myself not to eat too many at one time. Taffy is EXCELLENT!!! Wholesale prices on salt water taffy at CandyDirect.com. The gummy bears are OK but not quite as tastey as what I had hoped. Come in today to fill up a bag of your favorite kinds! Thanks!! I'm a diabetic, and thought my candy days were over. Malted milk balls are awesome. We have always admired the pulled taffy displays in the windows of the candy stores. They all taste similar. We can match the team colors with bountiful flavor. The same way that you might associate funnel cake with a carnival or popcorn with the movies, many people have nostalgic feelings toward specific candies. Still better, ask us to make a small gift bag for each of your guests so that they can experience the flavor of traditional salt water taffy Florida at home. Thank you for providing a good sugar free snack. Monterey's 'World Famous' Salt Water Taffy Item #59. Our salt water taffy florida is cooked fresh daily and the tropical flavors we offer are an amazing memory of traditional Florida. 1. Salt Water Taffy. You will see we are the home of the World's First Taffy Hour. box of salt water taffy is packaged in a colorful lobster box, making it perfect for a gift or to enjoy yourself. No Sugar Added White Chocolate Almond Bark. In 2000, Cedar Point elected to outsource the production of salt water taffy to Sweet’s Candy Company in Utah. THANK YOU. Being type II diabetic it’s hard to find a good treat. He loves them, as do I. The taffy is just perfect to satisfy my sweet tooth. Taffy Hour and Tropical Taffy are an inspiration that goes back for generations. We proudly make handmade chocolates, fresh Salt Water Taffy along with wild and zany novelty candies, small, batch roasted Duncan Coffee Beans and Purity Ice Cream, which is the oldest ice cream in Texas. Taffy Shop "Favorites Mix" Salt Water Candy, Assorted Bulk Flavors of Saltwater Taffy, Unique Themed Bag of 60 Pieces Gourmet Salt Water Candy, Wedding Candy- 1 LB 4.4 out of 5 stars 570 $14.49 Our taffy is colorful and flavorful. It’s a truly “sweet” experience that we love sharing with our customers. Order Salt Water Taffy From Maine. A wedding can be a bride's most important day of her life. Li Hing Mui Saltwater Taffy. Can’t even begin to describe the salt water taffy. So, the beginning of the World's First Taffy Hour. Browse through our website for great taffy ideas. Best candy I've ever had. Over 80 flavors of salt water taffy from the best taffy makers around. Absolutely fabulous! We would love for our taffy to be a part of your party's decor. Rather than traditionally pulling the taffy, Sweet’s whips theirs allowing for a flavorful, less sticky, softer piece of taffy. The only problem with the bag there were too many peppermint ones in it.

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