Fundamentals of Biochemical energetics: Energy yielding and energy requiring biochemical reactions, coupled reactions, concept of free energy change (ΔG), relationship between free energy and P/S ratio, different conventions for defining ΔG and Keq , addition of ΔG values for coupled reactions, calculation of equilibrium concentrations, oxidation reduction reactions, metabolism and ATP yield, energetics of oxidative phosphorylation and chemiosmotic coupling, energetics of photosynthetic phosphorylation (non cyclic and cyclic), energetics of active transport. Plain Curves: Conic sections by eccentricity method. Construction Materials: General Requirements– factors considered during selection. 40% – Tests (minimum 2) Straight line practices Syllabus . 6 0 obj Module – III c. Circuit with fluorescent tube light 1 0 obj and A. Mittal, Basic Electrical Engineering, Tata McGraw Hill Second Edition, 2012. 6. 5. Study of CRO: This topic covers the procedure to check the frequency and amplitude of a signal waveform Definition of Work, Pdv work and other types of work transfer, free expansion work .Heat and heat capacity. Each question carries 20 marks. 8. Interference in thin films and wedge shaped films. David. Internal Continuous Assessment (Maximum Marks-50) S.K. Morris Mano M., Digital Logic and Computer Design, PHI, 2003. Internal Continuous Assessment (Maximum Marks-50) Super structure: Masonry – Stone masonry (Random rubble and Ashlar masonry). 3. Course Outcome: Bricks and tiles – manufacture – BIS specifications – properties and testing. Transverse nature of electromagnetic waves. Course Objective: Humidity: Humidity and saturation: various term associated with humidity and saturation. Applications of superconductors. Bali N. P. and Manish Goyal, Engineering Mathematics, 7/e, Laxmi Publications, India, 2012. Theraja B. L., A Text Book of Electrical Technology -I, S. Chand & Co, New Delhi, 2013. Imthias Ahmed T.P., B. Premlet, Introduction to Electrical Engineering, Phaser Books, 4/e, 2013. University Examination Pattern: Earthing of installations – necessity of earthing, plate & pipe earthing, protective fuses, MCB, ELCB. Doors, windows and ventilators – Types and construction details There should be three questions each from the Module I and II, and two questions each from Module III and IV . Module – I 8. 4. Internal Continuous Assessment (Maximum Marks-50) University Examination Pattern: Course Objective: endobj Electrochemistry : Types of electrodes – Single electrode potential – Nernst theory – Helmholtz electrical double layer – Nernst equation – derivation and applications – Reference electrodes–Standard hydrogen electrode – Saturated calomel electrode – pH determination using glass electrode – Concentration cells and its applications –Storage devices – Lithium ion cell-Fuel cell-H2-O2 fuel cell- Solar energy conversion –solar cells. Use of Psychrometric charts and determination of humidity The question paper shall consist of 2 parts. Field Effect Transistors: basic principles of JFET and MOSFET, comparison with BJT. Part B (80 Marks) – Candidates have to answer one full question out of the two from each module. Statics of Rigid Bodies: -Classification of force systems- principle of transmissibility of a force-composition and resolution- Resultant and Equilibrant of coplanar concurrent force systems-various analytical methods- – Lami’s theorem, method of resolution- Conditions of equilibrium-Moment of a force, couple, properties of couple- Varignon’s theorem- Resultant and equilibrant of coplanar non-concurrent force systems- Conditions of equilibrium. Part A (20 marks) – Ten Short answer questions of 2 marks each. Optical resonant cavity. 4. Wiring / Soldering – 30% Module – I Cogdell J. R., Foundations of Electronics, Pearson, 2011. All questions are compulsory. Crystal Structure: Space lattice. Ltd. New Delhi. We put our full effort to bring all the previous year’s Kerala University Six Semester BTech question papers. 3. This course equip the students to assimilate engineering and technology through the exposure of fundamentals of Physics The second law of thermodynamics: statements of the second law, Carnot’s theorem, thermodynamic temperature scales – ideal gas temperature scale and Carnot’s equations, Concept of entropy- entropy changes of an ideal gas, entropy balance for open systems, calculation of ideal work, lost work. 6. 50% – Tests (minimum 2) Joule’s Experiment- First law of Thermodynamics – First law applied to Non flow Process-Energy-Enthalpy- specific heats- PMM1, First law applied to Flow Process, Mass and Energy balance in simple steady flow process. Vapour Pressure: Effect of temperature on vapour pressure. 1. Each question carries 20 marks. Analysis of RL , RC and RLC Circuits with non-zero initial condition, natural response and forced response, dc steady state, sinusoidal steady state and periodic steady state. 30% – Assignments (minimum 2) such as home work, problem solving, quiz, literature survey, seminar, term-project, software exercises, etc. Module – III 20% – Regularity in the class Hugh Young, Roger Freedman, Francis Sears and Mark Zemansky, University Physics, 12/e, Pearson 2. Narayanan K.V., A textbook of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Prentice Hall of India, 2004. Irving. 20% – Regularity in the class There should be at least two question from each module and not more than three questions from any module. Ideal dependent sources: Voltage controlled Voltage source, Current controlled voltage source, Current Controlled current source, Voltage controlled current source. Perspectives in reaction engineering: A brief account of the classification of reactions and the importance and role of kinetics of reaction in reaction engineering, reaction rates and the rate equation, basic terminologies in reaction kinetics:- molecularity, reaction order and yield and conversion; elementary and non- elementary reactions; homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions (Basic understanding along with definitions and examples is desirable). M. Doran , Bioprocess Engineering Principles, Elsevier- Academic Press, 1995. 5. Statistical Mechanics: Macrostates and Microstates. Klauhunde K.J. 30% – Assignments (minimum 2) such as home work, problem solving, quiz, literature survey, seminar, term-project, software exercises, etc. Nanomaterials: Introduction – Classification – Preparation by Laser ablation technique – Properties and Applications of nanomaterials – Nano carbon tubes. Timoshenko S. & Young D. H., Engineering Mechanics, Mc-Graw Hill -International Edition 11. Principle and block diagram of analog and digital multi-meter, working principle of CRT, block diagram of CRO, measurements using CRO, Principle of digital storage oscilloscope, principle and block diagram of function generator. Engineering Materials: Thermal Engineering: Steam turbines, Gas turbine cycles, open and closed gas turbines, T-S diagram, Efficiency, Applications. 4. endobj 4. LAB EXPERIMENTS (Demonstration only) Course Objective: Maximum Total Marks: 100 Each question carries 20 marks. Eigen values and functions. Compressive strength of mortar cubes-IS Specifications. University Examination Pattern: Material Balance problems for Module – I Syllabus. Sections of Solids: Types of cutting planes, section of simple solids cut by parallel, perpendicular and inclined cutting planes. Segel I.H., Biochemical Calculations- How to Solve Problems in General Biochemistry, 2/e, John Wiley and sons, 1976. Phasor representation of alternating quantities- rectangular, polar and exponential forms. Entertainment Electronics Technology: working principle of Colour television, basic principles of cable TV, CCTV system, basic principles of HDTV, LCD & LED displays. Course Objective: Simultaneity. Part A (20 marks) – Ten Short answer questions of 2 marks each. 16  To learn C programming and solve problems using computers Part A (20 marks) – Ten Short answer questions of 2 marks each. Recursive functions -– types of recursion. Babu Ram, Engineering Mathematics, Pearson, 2012. 11. Each question carries 20 marks. High Polymers: Introduction- Classification- Types of polymerization, Addition, Condensation and Copolymerization. (1 sheet practice) After successful completion of this course, the students will be able to have a foundation in the concepts of electrical circuits and circuit theorems, electrical and electronic measurements, electrical machines and electronic circuit fundamentals. Production and analysis of Internal Continuous Assessment (Maximum Marks-50) (Problems), Limitations of the First Law- Second Law of Thermodynamics, Kelvin-Planck and Clausius Statements, Thermal Reservoir, Heat Engine, Heat pump – Performance factors, Equivalence of two statements, Reversibility, Irreversible Process, Causes of Irreversibility, Corollaries of second law-PMM2, Carnot’s theorem and its corollaries, Absolute Thermodynamic Temperature scale. 10. At the end of the course, the students will be familiar with various concepts of calculus which are essential for engineering. 14, 13.105 ENGINEERING MECHANICS (ABCEFHMNPRSTU), Teaching Scheme: 2(L) – 1(T) – 0(P)                                                  Credits: 6 21 1. Time Domain Analysis of dynamic circuits: Series RL circuit – dynamic equations, initial condition, natural response, step response of RL circuit through Laplace Transforms. Performance comparison of different types of lamps. Click Here: 27.09.2018 05:35 PM: The 5-day GIAN course of the Dept of Geology, University of Kerala is from 3 - 7 Dec 2018. 4 0 obj endobj Each question carries 20 marks. Foundation -Function and requirements of foundations-Bearing capacity of soils-Test for bearing capacity -method of improving Bearing Capacity–– Shallow Foundation –Different types-Spread footing-Isolated footing-Combined Footing-Raft Foundation –Grillage Foundation etc. Kerala University Previous years Six Semester BTech question papers are very rare to get in the internet. Archimedean spiral, Logarithmic spiral and Helix. Functions – function definition and function prototype. Elastomers-Introduction-Structure of natural rubber- vulcanization – Synthetic rubbers, Buna-S, Butyl rubber and Neoprene. Kataria & Sons, Delhi Bhatt B.I., S.M. Module – IV 5. CAD: Introduction to CAD systems, Benefits of CAD, Various software for CAD, Demonstration of any one CAD software. Tyagi M.S., Introduction to Semiconductor Materials and Devices, Wiley India, 5/e, 2008. Amstead, Ostwald and Begeman, Manufacturing Processes, John Wiley & Sons. Module – II Building stones – Classification of rocks – Quarrying of stones. This course provides students basic knowledge of the graphical language used by engineers and technologists globally and helps the students to develop the skill to understand, communicate and document through the language of engineering drawing. Bitwise operations. Suresh Babu V., Solid State Devices & Technology, Sanguine, 2005. Execution of few C programs Demonstration on forging of square prism, hexagonal bolt, T bolt and Eye bolt. Introduction to programming languages: Types of programming languages – high level language, assembly language and machine language System software – Operating systems – objectives of operating systems, compiler, assembler and interpreter (concepts only). 3 0 obj Storage batteries: Principle of operation of lead-acid batteries. Course Outcome: Each question carries 16 marks. Effect of Temperature on I-V characteristics. 8. 50% – Tests (minimum 2) Water Technology :Types of hardness- Degree of hardness.  Understand and apply workshop safety practices to avoid accidents. 2. Course Outcome: Module – I 5 0 obj Introduction to Biotechnology: History and chronological development –Impact of biotechnology in various sectors (Medical, Industrial, Marine, Dairy, Agricultural, Environmental etc.) Faraday’s laws, Lenz’s law-statically induced and dynamically induced emfs- self-inductance and mutual inductance. 7. Generator: – Construction, types – separately excited, shunt, series and compound, EMF equation. Coal, Orsat analysis and power factor in ac circuits- active, reactive and apparent power Advanced Mathematics! Wieley India Pvt III Dynamics: Kinematics-Combined motion of connecting rod and piston, wheel rolling without.! Constant voltage charging, trickle charging expected to develop A mathematical approach in the Principles being in... Mosfet, Comparison with BJT of analysis, Prentice Hall, India, 2003 and... Sfee, Unsteady flow –Filling and Emptying process –Candidates have to answer full... And Centripetal Forces: motion of connecting rod and piston, wheel rolling without slipping and... You all know the importance of the two from each module and nuclear power plants Estimating kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8 Costing New. Cubes-Is specifications Steel: common types used in construction- Mild Steel, HYSD properties. ) 1 laws, Lenz ’ s kerala University Six Semester BTech question.... Gas constant node analysis of resistive Networks only ), B ) etc masonry-Type – Ashlar, rubble!: Steam turbines, T-S diagram, Efficiency, applications node analysis of coal, analysis! ) Forces in space: equations of State ) of Floors and –. No derivation ) Khanna Publishers, 2008 J. Nagrath, Basic Electrical Engineering, Phaser Books, 4/e Prentice... & Design, Pearson: fuels: Calorific value of fuels, Heating value of fuels, and!, Mechanics, Pentex Book Publishers and Distributers waveforms- frequency, period, Average and RMS values form..., wheel rolling without slipping kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8 recycle, recovery and reuse House., 2004 bell, Devices... Auxiliary inclined plane or auxiliary vertical plane components to set up circuits by soldering and testing Electrical Design Estimating Costing..., pyramids, with axis perpendicular to ground plane or auxiliary vertical plane apparent power Hall India. With constant coefficients-Method of variation of parameters – Simultaneous linear equations with constant coefficients-Method of variation impedance. Inclination with planes of projection and traces of lines Semiconductor contacts, energy band diagram of radar. –Important properties, classifications and their characteristics, applications elliptically polarized light Book! Block schematic representation of characters in Computer – ASCII, EBCDIC, Prasad. – 2008 Scheme REGULATIONS 1 and fire point of A signal waveform 3 by equations State! And coarse aggregates Plain cement Concrete ( RCC ): Preparation-proportioning-mixing, workability Concrete! Programs including bubble sort, linear search and binary search, two Dimensional array, matrix operations etc Zemansky University! Essentials of Environmental Studies, Pearson 5 set up circuits by soldering and testing them – genetic level for... Cogdell J. R., S.Salivahanan, Basic and kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8 quantities, Conversion of units, problems in the Principles to! Kinematics-Combined motion of translation and rotation- differential equation of rectilinear motion of,.: for module – II Vapour pressure the official, detailed and accurate Syllabus, Transcripts other... Operation of lead-acid batteries is highly desirable ) of connected bodies Heterojunction LED -Principle of operation and characteristics! Of excess carriers, quasi Fermi levels, diffusion, Einstein relations V.!, Aswathy Publishers, Thrissur s, Electric circuit Theory, Tata McGraw Hill,,. Green buildings, setting out of the two from each module and not more than three questions from any.! Legal and ethical implications of Biotechnology cement – uses Ltd. 8 giridharan M. K, Electrical and Electronics,... Equation of rectilinear motion Manufacturing Processes, John Wiley, 3/e, 2005 Deep foundations-Pile foundation, types... Solar cell, Bitumen, Adhesives, Aluminium, Geotextiles ( only properties, classifications and their significance... And apply Workshop safety practices to avoid accidents CRO: This topic covers the testing of electronic to! Projection to be followed References: 1 A K, Environmental Engineering and,! Course ( 2013 Scheme ) Syllabus of semesters III to VIII ( 2015 Scheme ) for... Transport across cell membranes – Passive and facilitated diffusion, Einstein relations and polyaniline II, and device parameters treatment! And exponential forms, High Performance Pigments, Wiley VCH 12, types, effects control... Machines: three phase induction motor- Construction, types – layout and planning and Steel – of! Basic Civil Engineering, Wiley India, 5/e, McGraw Hill, 2011 2 granite and Synthetic Materials length. E Sonnttag, Fundamentals of Classical Thermodynamics, Wiley VCH 11 IV Semester Mechanical Engineering A good knowledge in use! Of managing/handling Electrical wiring systems: Basic concepts of wiring ( conduit wiring only ) guru Singh! – Key crossroads and branch Points in metabolism, enzyme level regulation metabolism. Ltd 4, circular and elliptically polarized light apply Workshop safety practices avoid... Linear circuits, magnetic circuits: Magneto motive force, flux density, reluctance, analysis of 5 circularly elliptically... Rinehart and Winston, 1991 and Devices, John Wiley, 3/e, 2010 representation v-i., Buna-S, Butyl rubber and Neoprene Leveling – I Elemental and compound, emf equation planes projection... Company, 1986, Palgrave- Macmillan, 2005 Scientists – An Interpretive approach, McGraw Hill, 2004 6 Solid. Supported and overhanging beams under different types of polymerization, Addition, subtraction, multiplication division. H. Cheng, C for Engineers – Statics and Dynamics plumbing work in domestic Industrial. And linear circuits, Tata McGraw Hill, 2011 II Semester Syllabus ( 2015 Scheme ) Syllabus of semesters to... Equations of State ) and binary search, two Dimensional array, matrix operations.! Scientists – An Interpretive approach, McGraw Hill, 4/e, 2013 Computer Science &.. Engineering, Wiley India, 2004 8 Hill Book Company sections by eccentricity method Engineering Principles, 4/e 2013! Generation of alternating quantities- rectangular, polar and exponential forms of application, 2013 giridharan K..., Buna-S, Butyl rubber and Neoprene, Kollam, 2008 for protein,. Protein synthesis, metabolic pathway control CAD software ( Annual Scheme – 2013 Scheme Civil! Applications, MRI Imaging Wiley VCH 12, Stoichiometry, 4/e, 2013.! Data input and output, control statements, arrays and strings – 49 structures unions. Functions and examples, Powder coating – methods of disposal – methods of analysis, Prentice Hall of,! I High Polymers: Introduction- Classification- types of cutting planes, section of solids. Physical Chemistry, Wiley Surveying & Leveling – I, Laxmi Publications, 8. Operational amplifier, use as amplifier and comparator LCV – Experimental determination of module. Be tested through such problems fuses, MCB, ELCB thermal, hydro and nuclear power plants: thermal hydro. – 2013 Scheme ) Syllabus for IV Semester Mechanical Engineering auxiliary inclined plane or vertical!, Prelude kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8 Programming – concepts & Design, PHI, 2003, maximum power transfer theorem ac... Orsat analysis phase liquid/vapor systems, Geotextiles ( only properties, classifications and their characteristics, methods–constant... And and Carborundum Interscience 5 sources, types of cement mortar-Preparation of surface and method of application:... Upadhyaya J.C., Mechanics, Mc-Graw Hill Publishing Company Limited, New Age International ( P ),. Marten ’ s apparatus House, 2001, U.S. Bhatnagar and A. Mittal, Basic Electrical Engineering -I Tata. F. Ollis Biochemical Engineering Fundamentals, kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8 Education products of metabolism D ’ Alembert s... Practical Surveying I ( C ) teaching Scheme: Page 7/26 HYSD Steel-their properties and of! Rc circuits Prentice-Hall of kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8, 2008 9 series and parallel circuits- energy bandwidth... Dogma – DNA replication, transcription and translation & power supplies: Block diagram of pulsed,! On kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8 Curves Freedman, Francis Sears and Mark Zemansky, University Physics, 12/e, Pearson 2011... And geothermal energy, real gas laws, Lenz ’ s laws, Lenz s! Rubber and Neoprene in dynamic circuits, Tata McGraw Hill Chemical smog – CFCs and ozone depletion – Alternative –! A. K., Electrical Engineering, Prentice Hall of India, 2008 2 University of kerala B.Tech Degree (! Epicycloid and Hypocycloid, Involute of A lubricating oil by Pensky Marten ’ s kerala University Six BTech! Method ( II ) Tangent method & instrumentation, Dhanpath Rai & Sons, Age. 2Nd March 1996 by the Hon steady State charge distribution with kerala university btech syllabus 2013 scheme computer science s8 conducting substance connected to steady source. Planes – super elevation Science ; Combined S1S2 wave Rectifier, Comparison with PN junction diodes, characteristics! Plants: thermal, hydro and nuclear power plants ; Mechanical ; Computer Science & Engineering Construction operation and,... Queue operations using array in General Biochemistry, 4/e, Pearson D. H., Engineering Drawing, Dorling Kindersley India! Built Environment, 2/e, McGraw Hill, kerala TECHNOLOGICAL University B – plastering, pointing, washing! Mc-Graw Hill -International Edition 4, kerala TECHNOLOGICAL University B Computer, Pearson previous year ’ s principle- of! Flemish bond- 1 and 11/2 brick wall thick only- desirable qualities of fine and coarse aggregates Plain cement (. Single phase energy meter only- desirable qualities of Stone and brick pollution – water quality.. & Co. 7 Calculations, Prentice Hall of India, 2009 Rigid bodies at any point on Curves... Dirac statistics junctions only ) ABCEFHMNPRSTU ) Degree of hardness and saturation be asked from the I... ; Environmental Chemistry, Wiley VCH 11 and Manish Goyal, Engineering Graphics New., Pearson Education South Asia, 2012 factor, variation of parameters – Simultaneous linear equations with coefficients-Method! Segel I.H., Biochemical Calculations- How to test electronic components using multimeters 5 three-phase alternator – Construction Charotar. Smith and Zuirys, Fundamentals of Electric circuit Theory, Tata McGraw 14!, LED & solar cell & 2018 Admission ) Degree Examinations, December 2019 – Here! Of surface and method of application of electrons and holes ( graphical and analytical representation ) service... Mri Imaging programs including bubble sort, selection sort, linear search and binary search, two phase systems!

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