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"Food that is Classy, Promising and Kid Friendly..."

  • Easy, un-offensive food handling for guests on the move
  • Painless banquet chef preparations
  • No cross contamination
  • Stays fresh

Set yourself apart with signature gourmet food dishes

For the banquet chef, translating culinary expertise from the kitchen to a gourmet food delicacy can be quite a challenge at a cocktail party dominated by connoisseurs and maitre d's.

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The True Taste of Elegance

The banquet chef must use gourmet food to portray a distinctive banquet image and go beyond the call of the average chef to create hors d'oeuvre that double as entertaining appetizers while offering the benefit of easing handling for guests on the move. After all, few can afford to tarnish their image with food in their teeth, offensive food breath or greasy fingers. Quail eggs are the perfect gourmet food item for banquet chefs because they are easy to prepare and have a longer shelf life than traditional gourmet hors d'oeuvre ingredients. Much like a fine wine or correctly cracked oyster shell, the quail egg serves as an entertaining appetizer by enabling connoisseurs to show case their gourmet flair through proper demonstration of the quail egg shelling technique.

Worry Free Preparation for the Banquet Chef

As a banquet chef you are always under pressure to ensure that your canapés selections are safe for your guests. You take pride in the canapés you select by making sure they meet certain food safety and food storage requirements. When many people gather and take canapés from the same dish you have to be aware of things such as double dipping and maintaining a constant temperature for food safety.

This is where the quail egg will save you both time and stress. Time will be saved by its simple food preparation. Moreover, there will be no need to stress out over the possibility of cross-contamination, since the quail egg is the only canapés of its kind that is fully enclosed. This shell protects it from germs and the spread of colds and viruses.

The quail egg also preserves its neat appearance by not discoloring after sitting out for extended periods of time. Many other foods that require stirring and replacement every twenty minutes will lose any neat food presentation they had. So become the talk of the banquet world by incorporating the quail egg into your canapés menu.