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"Food that is Classy, Promising and Kid Friendly..."

  • Phosphorus and Vitamin B, D & E for testosterone, libido & sex drive
  • 100% natural aphrodisiac that does not compromise weight maintenance
  • High protein, low carb meal while feeling full longer & without adding sugar, fat, or bad cholesterol

Tone your body while boosting your libido

By adding quail eggs to your diet, you can immediately increase your sexual desire and potency, while building lean muscle to stay fit longer.

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High Protein, Low Carb Body Building

With Quail eggs, you get the high protein foods that your muscles need. Unlike many protein powders and bars riddled with wasteful fat and sugars, quail eggs do no waste extra calories on carbohydrates and fat. For those of you need to lose weight, quail eggs allow you to consider low carb diets without feeling guilty of adding excess fat and high cholesterol to your system. Now imagine feeling fuller longer than what you can expect from a shake or bar.

Natural Way to Improve Sexual Desire & Performance

As males mature, we notice a decrease in sexual desire which can be linked to not having a healthy prostate. A natural and nutritional way to get back that sexual desire without having to schedule it around a pill is to regularly eat quail eggs. Quail eggs give you better blood circulation and strengthen your heart muscle, which in turn boosts libido and gives you better sexual performance.

As an enriched source of phosphorous, proteins, and Vitamin B, Vitamin D and Vitamin E, quail eggs stimulate and nourish the prostate gland which is vital to a man's sexual health. Although many find that prescription based sexual stimulates can effectively boost a man's libido, many of these supplements suffer from side effects like cotton mouth, achiness, and stomach pains. These supplements may also be dangerous if you have ever had a heart condition or experienced a stroke or severe hypotension.

Quail eggs aren't time induced like most pills, so you won't have to worry about planning that special time. You won't have to worry about a time window when you eat quail eggs like you do with most pills. Increase your sexual stamina and potency naturally without having to feel guilty about what you eat or take supplements.

Quail eggs contain natural vitamins and proteins that are proven to increase sexual performance. When incorporated in your daily diet, quail eggs not only stimulate sexual desire and potency, they also give you energy. And unlike other sexual boosters like chocolate or pumpkin seeds, quail eggs are a low fat/ low carb aphrodisiacs that also fills you up.