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"Food that is Classy, Promising and Kid Friendly..."

  • Vitamin A & selenium antioxidant for cancerous free radical removal
  • High alkaline detox food for environment unsuitable to cancer growth
  • Energy, tissue repair and immunity following cancer treatment
  • Low carb, low bad cholesterol heart diet to control blood pressure

Balanced nutrition to maintain safe blood sugar & iron levels

Cures for anemia and diabetes are still in discovery. But the symptoms and avoidance of attacks can be dealt with nutrients that maintain balanced blood-sugar and cholesterol levels while enriching the blood with iron and other vitamins that slow us down.

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Low Carbohydrate, Low Calorie Diabetic Treatment

For the nearly 24 million Americans living with diabetes, the struggle to maintain balanced blood-sugar and cholesterol levels is ongoing. Quail eggs are the low carbohydrate, low calorie diabetes treatment for keeping your blood-sugar and cholesterol at a safe level; a diabetes treatment without the offensive breath caused by garlic and the excessive weight gain of high calorie food. There may not yet be a diabetes cure, but including quail eggs into your diet will help you live a life devoid of diabetes symptoms.

Along with keeping an active lifestyle, a well-balanced diabetic diet is the best way to keep diabetes symptoms at bay and head towards a diabetes cure. If diabetes control is on your mind, eating diabetes food, like breakfast cereals, as well as taking cholesterol supplements like garlic, helps keep sugar levels balanced so that you can live your life without having to stop and grab a bite to eat. Maintaining safe levels becomes even easier when you incorporate quail eggs into your everyday diet. Furthermore, quail eggs help ease the pain of diabetes treatment by keeping the needle away from your skin, reducing the need for insulin shots, iron therapy, and blood transfusions.

Iron and Vitamins to Fend Off Anemia

Without knowing you can be one of the many Americans who are victims of this disease called anemia. Symptoms of anemia can range from minor/vague to major and critical. Iron deficiency anemia occurs when your body has insufficient iron. With so many processed foods and environmental effects, toxins such as food borne illnesses and pesticides can enter the body. Heavy metals removal can be handled with quail eggs as they contain antioxidants. These are used to clear the body of toxins and cleanse the cells.

The body longs for foods high in iron. But many of the available foods suffer from an unnatural taste or lack the full complement of nutrients to ward off anemia. Quail eggs, on the other hand, are familiar in taste and a 100% natural source of iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin B12. This prevents the use of more traditional iron shots and iron pills as well as the more extreme measures such as blood transfusions and surgery. Quail eggs are non invasive and serve as a form of anemia treatment by easing symptoms of anemia. So protect yourself from anemia and eat a quail egg today.