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  • High alkaline-to-acid formation in order to minimize skin flair ups
  • Vitamin B2 Riboflavin & Vitamin A Retinol for repairing skin tissue
  • Vitamin B12 to inhibit the production of inflammatory cytokines
  • No messy creams, oatmeal baths or corticosteroids


Another common affliction addressed by quail eggs are allergic skin conditions. Research shows that most who have survived these harsh symptoms of skin itch, dryness, discolorations and even cracking engage in a multitude of treatments. Some good news is that nutrients found in the quail egg contribute greatly to the maintenance and prevention of skin allergies. Specifically, they aid in controlling allergic skin symptoms; healing skin damage from eczema and psoriasis; and minimizing the possibility of future allergic skin flair-ups.

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Heal Allergic Skin Damage

Among the most prescribed methods for healing skin damaged from excessive dryness, peeling and cracking is to continually hydrate the skin. As a product well balanced in the essential fatty acids, quail eggs provide a natural remedy for cell moisture. What's more, its Vitamin B2 riboflavin makes it a natural remedy for repairing damaged tissue without having to consume the high cholesterol associated with the more popular meat, fish and chicken egg sources of Vitamin B2.

Control Allergic Skin Symptoms

A key to reducing itchiness and unsightly skin rash from eczema and psoriasis is to minimize inflammation while detoxifying the body from residual acids. The latter requires foods that are high in alkaline-to-acid formation in order to minimize skin flair ups attributed to toxic residual acids stored in our bodies. Quail eggs are not only high in alkaline formation; they are available all year round. Other inflammation reducing remedies for instant itch relief include corticosteroid hormones, immune-suppressants and anti-itch antihistamines.

Though powerful, some research indicates that prolonged use of these drugs could lead to skin thinning, steroid absorption into body; diminished immune systems and liver damage. Some alternative therapies show promise such as Chinese medicines, UV light therapy and oatmeal baths when time permits. But for a more regularly applied solution, research now finds that products rich in Vitamin B12 (e.g., quail eggs) actually inhibit the production of inflammatory cytokines, a primary cause of allergic skin conditions.

Minimize Future Flair-Ups

Perhaps no greater solution exists for avoiding skin flair-ups than to strengthen our immunity systems by rectifying Vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Research has identified enriched sources of Vitamin A as perhaps the most vital nutrient deficiency to replenish. In particular, products rich in Vitamin A retinol have been found to heal damaged epithelial tissue associated with eczema. Quail eggs are not only rich in Vitamin A, they are among the only sources of retinol that does not compromise your cholesterol levels.