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The eggs are packed in transparent containers so you can see the quality and freshness.

Fresh Egg Delivery Packages

Fresh Eggs: 18 or 24 units

  • 40 packages x 18 eggs c/u = 720 box
  • 30 packages x 24 eggs c/u = 720 box

Fresh Eggs: 50, 20 or 10 units

  • 10 bags x 50 eggs =500 eggs per box
  • 25 bags x 20 eggs =500 eggs per box
  • 50 bags x 10 eggs =500 eggs per box

Ready to Eat - Commercial Use

Peeled for Commercial Presentation:

  • 10 bags x 50 eggs =500 eggs per box
  • 25 bags x 20 eggs =500 eggs per box
  • 50 bags x 10 eggs =500 eggs per box
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quail eggs
quail eggs
quail eggs
quail eggs

Cooking Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are often hard boiled or poached before adding to salads or served as canapés.


Since quail eggs have a very tough shell, try poking a hole in the top, thinner side of the shell with a very sharp knife. Then slice the top off. Alternatively, you could open a quail egg more easily and consistently with a specially designed quail egg cutters.


Hard Boiling

1. Place eggs in boiling water with a slotted spoon. When the water comes back to a boil, cook for exactly 3
1/2 minutes. Drain and run eggs under cold water for several minutes
2. Then transfer the eggs into a pot, covering them with half water and half vinegar to make the shells soft and easy to peel.
3. Cook for about five minutes after reaching a boil.
4. Let the eggs sit until cool.
5. Peel the shell gently, rinse and dry on a paper towel.


Put eggs in cold tap water with 1/2 cup salt and 1 ounce vinegar per gallon of water. Boil for approximately 3-5 minutes. Test by breaking 1 egg after 3 minutes. Stir eggs while they boil a few times in order to keep yellow (yolk) in the center. Put eggs in white vinegar for 12 hours. Peel eggs (strip membrane). Place in jars. Mix 1/2 white vinegar, 1/2 water, 1 cup salt per gallon solution, 1 box pickling spice per gallon and small amount of onion, if desired. Bring to a boil and pour over eggs in jars.