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"Food that is Classy, Promising and Kid Friendly..."

  • Ovomucoid protein to reduces formation of free-floating IgE
  • Riboflavin-based antioxidants to control homeostasis
  • Rich source of lysozyme to control infections
  • Sugar-free, non-processed source of key nutrients

Non-processed alternative to healthy immune system

Quail eggs tap into nature's anti-allergy system a sugar free, kid friendly, non-processed way.

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Anti-Allergy Proteins for a Healthy Immune System

Our bodies were created with a healthy immune system, but interactions with substances in our environment have robbed our body's natural nutrition ability to protect ourselves from allergic reactions. Allergies are caused by an immune response to a normally innocuous substance (i.e. pollen, dust) that comes in contact with lymphocytes.

Although you might not always see it, your child could have all sorts of allergies, including skin allergies, or even food allergies. Quail eggs are a way to fight that battle of child allergies in a sugar free and non-processed way. Not only will quail eggs be substantially less messy, but because they are not processed, consumption does not cause allergies or inflammations. Regular consumption of quail eggs promotes a health immune system and reduces formation of free-floating IgE with a protein known as ovomucoid protein. This protein is used in the production of some antiallergic drugs.

Over the counter drugs such as Benadryl, Claritin and Zyrtec are also available but produce unwanted side effects for many, such as drowsiness and dry mouth. Multi-vitamins, while promoting a well-balanced alternative must be taken with fat to allow optimal absorption of the vitamins and minerals.

We know that you pride yourself on dutifully following healthy nutritional programs that provide the best foundation for your child's growth and healthy development to prevent child disease. It is estimated that roughly 5.7 million of all doctor visits are visits about your child's skin condition.

Antioxidants and Lysozyme to Resist Infections &Disease

Another notable attribute of the quail egg is its enriched source of selenium and riboflavin, which is a natural producer of antibodies. As an antioxidant, quail eggs therefore qualify as a natural immune nutrition. Both the riboflavin and the fat permit natural control of homeostasis that promotes healthy living. Moreover, quail eggs are resistant to infections due to their increased content of lysozyme that kills harmful bacteria.

Who would have thought? Skin cures in the crack of an egg? Of course vitamin C and anti itch creams are helpful and may hide symptoms of allergies as well, but nothing is quite as pure as the untouched antioxidants found in a quail egg.