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"Food that is Classy, Promising and Kid Friendly..."

  • Vitamin A & selenium antioxidant for cancerous free radical removal
  • High alkaline detox food for environment unsuitable to cancer growth
  • Energy, tissue repair and immunity following cancer treatment
  • Low carb, low bad cholesterol heart diet to control blood pressure

Prevention and recovery of cancer and heart disease

As a low carbohydrate, low cholesterol food, quail eggs provide a healthy heart diet. They also have the nutrients and properties to help give you the needed energy, resistance from illness, and faster recovery following surgery or from chemotherapy effects and other cancer treatments. heart disease.

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Inoffensive Cancer Antioxidant with Energy for Recovery

It is no surprise that the number of cancer patients is on the rise. The growth of pesticides and other unnatural treatments polluting our food and water supply are steadily increasing our exposure to toxic substances and unstable molecules (i.e., free radicals) that may lead to cancer. Antioxidant foods are recommended to prevent cancer as they protect cells from free radical damage. As a product rich in Vitamin A and selenium, quail eggs qualify as an antioxidant. What's more, they provide a tasty alternative to the many unpleasant detoxification products and antioxidant foods on the market.

Quail eggs not only prevent cancer, they benefit those undergoing cancer treatments due to its high alkaline properties that provide an environment unsuitable for cancer growth. Those cancer patients faced with harsh cancer treatments know all too well the effects on the body from chemotherapy effects or recovery following surgery to remove cancer growth. So if you are a cancer patient looking for a natural, readily available, healthy and vitamin rich solution to give you that longer lasting boost of energy, then quail eggs may be your solution. Moreover, they will help strengthen your immune system while repairing damaged tissues following cancer treatments.

Versatile Food for Overall Healthy Heart Rate

Heart disease is becoming a leading cause of death in the U.S. If you are looking for a healthy heart diet to prevent heart disease, or just looking for food, which is good at lowering blood pressure, then quail eggs are your solution. To treat heart disease, people tend to exercise and eat a healthy heart diet.

As a food low in carbohydrates and bad cholesterol, quail eggs will extend your lifespan by controlling and lowering blood pressure. Furthermore, quail eggs also improve a person's blood lipids profile. Finally, as a food rich in folic acid, Vitamin B12, iron, phosphorus, protein, riboflavin and selenium, quail eggs are any excellent choice for reducing heart disease.