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"Food that is Classy, Promising and Kid Friendly..."

  • Pure and exotic food ingredient with universal appeal
  • Long lasting food pairing canapés
  • Tempers rough alcohol

5-Star gourmet dishes

With the increasing number of restaurants there is immense competition. To be successful as a master chef, it is vital that your restaurant has a variety of gourmet food dishes that are not easily replicated.

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Appetizers with Distinction

Notable distinction can be accomplished with gourmet food such as the quail egg. It is a high quality, pure and exotic food ingredient that has universal appeal and a long shelf life. On the other hand, gourmet food such as caviar and paté are processed; need an acquired taste; are all too common; and spoil quickly. If you're looking to stand out from the rest, use the quail egg to create one-of-a-kind specialty gourmet food dishes and become the next big thing in town.

Become a Distinct Gastro Pub

Gastro pub owners are faced with the challenge of finding ways to please crowds as they arrive to take advantage of happy hour specials. They are also looking for delicious food pairing canapés. They need their pre-dinner experience to include exotic drinks and some satisfying gourmet appetizers such as canapés. The small, speckled quail egg addresses this need because it is optimally filling in comparison with other typical, high-density bar food such as nachos, cheese and meat containing appetizers. Quail eggs are excellent canapés and can be added to your gastro pubs bar menu as the star ingredient. For the ultimate in gastro pub pairing items, check out the following hors d'oeuvres, drinks and shooters;

* Bird Nest Cocktail (paired with deviled quail eggs)
* Deviled Quail Eggs with Black Caviar
* Dirty Bird Cocktail
* Smoked Salmon and Quail Egg Shooter

Stand Out from Other Culinary Schools

In an economic time when people are looking to go back to school and enhance their education it is vital that your culinary school stands out from the rest. With the use of the quail egg, a unique and less-than-common ingredient, you can teach students in your culinary school innovative and new recipes that will give them an edge once they graduate. What makes a future chef well recognized is the ability to create signature recipes. The quail egg's ability to create new flavor combinations will make this all possible in your culinary school. Although there are other unique and rare ingredients available such as imported cheeses and oils (olive oils, truffle oils), the quail egg is more accessible as it is produced right here in the United States. Create new recipes and set your culinary school apart with the quail egg.