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"Food that is Classy, Promising and Kid Friendly..."

  • Vitamin B2 Riboflavin for glowing and healthy skin
  • Vitamin A, B and E for shiny and voluminous hair
  • 100% natural alternative to harmful hair care chemicals

Healthy child skin and hair

Quail eggs improve skin color and strengthen hair making it shiny and voluminous. That's why quail eggs are used for egg yolk facial and hair care masks.

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Key Nutrients for Healthy Skin and Glowing Skin

Parents of young children know all too well the pressures to have a socially impressive and good looking child. For some, the children are genetically blessed with glowing skin. Others are plagued at an early age with acne, skin rash and eczema. At their disposal are a myriad of expensive and time-consuming salon treatments and skin dermatology procedures. For a more practical approach to achieving glowing skin, however, natural skin products present a better option for a healthy skin appearance. These natural skin products and alternatives to supplement healthy skin can be found in foods such as quail eggs. Their nutrients provide a natural choice with favorable long-term effects found both topically in skin masks and orally through daily ingestion. Its inherent skin antioxidants remove toxins and heavy metals from the cells, thereby improving overall skin appearance. Doses of 0.6 – 0.9 mg of Riboflavin, B2, in quail eggs also provide key nutrients leading to healthy skin. This dosage equates to about 3-5 quail eggs per day.

Vitamins for Shiny Hair and Voluminous Hair

A further benefit attributed to the nutrients in a quail egg is its impact on children's hair. As an enriched source of Vitamin A. Vitamin B and Vitamin E, quail eggs are used by children in need of shiny hair and voluminous hair. Unfortunately, a combination of pollution, chemicals (i.e. chlorine in pools), and hair products such as blow dryers has prematurely damaged children's hair and cause hair breakage. Ironically, some parents turn to chemicals, which can damage hair health further.

These products are composed of chemicals such as sodium disulfide and hydrogen phosphate. Not only can these products irritate the skin, but they are also only a temporary solution. Nutrients in quail eggs, however, strengthen and improve children's hair from the inside out. Another alternative for achieving shiny hair and voluminous hair is to apply oils, avocados, and other hair nutrition topically through masks. These solutions, however, can be messy and time consuming. Eating quail eggs is a much cleaner solution and will benefit the children's hair internally and externally to promote shiny hair. Some parents will even spend a hefty sum of money on beauty salon treatments to improve their children's hair by eliminating split ends. Again, such treatments are not only expensive but also temporary. Quail eggs are affordable and the effects on hair health are long lasting.