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"Food that is Classy, Promising and Kid Friendly..."

  • Non-spoiling canapé for ethnic street corner snacks
  • Popular Asian cuisine with distinct cultural connections
  • Culturally celebrative appetizer ideal for cultural décor & flavor combinations

Cultural reminders at breakfast, events & street corner canapés

As a food with a deep cultural heritage, the quail egg serves as a reminder of cultural holiday traditions while satisfying the homeland cravings of the culturally nostalgic.

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Nostalgic Street Corner Canapés

Are you in the mood for food that is satisfying, quick, and easy to eat while you enjoy the city? Quail eggs are a perfect meal to eat on the go while roaming the city or enjoying street festivals. Imagine a quail egg deep fried with an orange batter just like the Filipino Kwek Kwek or Tukneneng street snack. Or throw it on a Columbian hotdog, and earn your true cultural bragging rights.

Quail eggs are also ideal for events associated with holiday or other cultural festivities. And since the shell of the egg is a natural defense to bacteria, you can rest assured that the food will not spoil or contaminate like other street corner foods. Finally, the quail egg will keep you energized while not upsetting your stomach from acidic foods or foreign parasites.

Authentic Homeland Food for the Traditionalist at Heart

A key to having a cultural festivity is to have the ability to offer authentic foods that help replicate your traditional celebration. The quail egg serves that purpose by offering a familiar taste that is used in many Asian food dishes and Asian food recipes. So why feel obliged to imitate your heritage with westernized substitutes? Instead, you can maintain your cultural celebrations with a familiar tasting quail egg that does not compromise your traditional Asian customs.

For many, the quail egg itself is a distinct delicacy that sets some cultures apart. Consequently, its distinct flavor and decorative appeal can bring life to many Asian celebrations as patrons share their homeland ties. Quail eggs also have the appropriate size and ingredients to complement many of the miniaturized appetizers so common to Asian dishes.

Asian Breakfast Just Like Home

Do you wake up in the morning and have that homeland craving of foods you used to enjoy back home? Being away from home can cause serious cravings for familiar foods you long to consume. One way to satisfy your cultural morning appetite is to eat quail eggs. As a main staple in the Asian diet, quail eggs will bring back the memories of Vietnamese bánh baos, Chinese steamed buns or Pad Thai recipes. What's more, you can prepare several different dishes from this egg with ingredients close to home.